Friday, May 7, 2010

Funky Friday - International Grill

I'm afraid I can't stretch to the belt-busting treat of a Wimpy International Grill (you've got love 'em for still hanging on in there with the 'Wimpy Bender' haven't you), but can serve you up a platter of refried favourites and vintage hits spiced with an international twist

From Bolivia...
Grupo 606 - Rompe,cruza O Ayúdame (Break On Through)

From Singapore
Sakura and The Quests - Stupid Cupid

And two tunes suggested by Sour Crout from The Word blogs, via a thread offering the original French lanuage version of Denis (Sylvie), Elbow reworked by The Big Ghana Band and Benny translating Ca Plane Pour Moi into Bin Wieder Frei (although I've a spark of an idea for a future Benny blog-bit)

From Mexico
Los Matematicos - Me Atrapaste (You Really Got Me)

From the Czech Republic
Kubišová Marta - Cervánky (It's Not Unusual)

Another from The Word blogs,where David Rothon uncovered this nugget 'Czech it out'

Now then, Brown Derby desert anyone?


drew said...

What the hell was a Wimpy Bender, was never brave enough to have one. Was quite partial to a Kingsize

davy h said...

I love the idea that anything in Wimpy could be described as 'decadent', let alone a doughnut with a lump of ice cream on top.

Piley said...

wow, the current problems with flights isn't stopping you jet-setting round the globe Mondo.

Fab selection. Only fair that you finish this month-long flight around the world with a track by Ash??!


Mondo said...

A Bender - basically a fancy name for a Frankfurter sausage Drew, pre-prepared so it curls/bends into a circle when grilled. My preference is the Wimpy Classic Grill though - luscious.

We're well served by Wimpy (Bars) in Southend Davy, with 3 in less than a 5 mile radius from me. I don't think I've indulged in the delights of a Brown Derby - yet, but may put one the to do list.
Have you tried the lime milkshakes - now they really are something special.

Or perhaps Long Haired Lava from Liverpool P?

Ishouldbeworking said...

Give Piley a Chinese burn for that one, Mondo.

I used to love Wimpy. Those pancakes, swimming in maple syrup and proper (not squirty) cream...

Good selection of tip-top international tunes, too!

John Medd said...

Nice one Mondo. I've always had a soft spot for Mexican Kinks. BTW-loved the Indian Beatles on your Word blog: I'm gonna request they play The Cavern for this year's Matthew Street festival!

Furtheron said...

Wimpy Bender for me please... yes Drew it was a long sausage pre "snipped" (getting more carry on as we go here...) that you could shape into a ring... I'll get me coat before we're taken off air... :-)

Five-Centres said...

Quite peckish now. But don't forget it was me who pointed you in the direction of Benny. Not that I should be shouting about it of course...

chocolategirl64 said...

love the smooth {!} moves from czech sax man:
never went to wimpy as they couldn't guarantee the beanburgers were cooked separate from the meat:
lime shake? would prob benefit from a shot of rum:

Mondo said...

'Flapjacks' as they used to call 'em ISB served in a silver dish. Super tasty - have a peep here for your nearest Wimpy.

I bounced the Bolly Beatles in favour of the Chain of Fools clip (although they may re-appear before the month's out John)

And then there's the Banana Longboat, Knickerbocker Glory and Spotted Dick F-Ron - still appearing on the desert menu

You'll get a full credit FC, there's a couple of 'Ca Plane' related bits I want to work Benny in with yet.

Limeshake and rum?*goes cross eyed and faints from the delicousness of it all*

Perrata 2000 said...
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Mondo said...

A Wimpy in Bogota? Unreal, I thought it was a UK only affair? Oh yes still here Peratta check the link above in one my comments of a Wimpy locator..

Budd said...

It was probably my nick name for disliking football and being fond of girls! Anyway, great post(s) Love the cover of 'You Really Got Me'. Jack Arel is a good choice too. As for Maira Rottrova - she's groovy personified! Mark Lamarr said on his radio show that this tune ('Chain of Fools')wasn't 'real' music (or words to that effect) - he just doesn't get it! You inspired me to do a (small) post in response to this one! Check it out:
It would be cool if you good do a mix for Budd Schifrin. Just let me know.Budd :)