Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Musique de Bibliothèque

Un grand merci is due to Will from the wonderful World of Kane for pitching this sprightly slice of French library music onto my wavelength. Two minutes of high-kicking, fast-fizzing riffing, perfect for some sort of explosive show-opener coreographed for that lot atop the page - or someone who lives in a house like this..

Jack Arel and Pierre Dutour - Following You

Jack Arel is one of France's most prolific library composers, with pieces occasionally making UK TV screens soundtracking The Sweeney and The Prisoner. On the 27th of this month, a double CD set of Arel originals and remixes finally ships to these shores, having been released in France last year - you can test de goût a few and read his full history at the Jack Arel Myspace site

For more sons français, you really must get your mitts on Blow Up's Exclusive Blend Volume 3. A rue-rocking comp of hits, highlights and secoueur de jambe trawled from the vaults of France's Telemusic library, that includes this free-wheeling pépite from Bernard Estardy.

Bernard Estardy - Road Number 9


Cocktails said...

Nice. You could get lost in the world of library music couldn't you, there is so much out there.

Do you think people will be buying compils of the 2010 equivalent though?!

Mondo said...

I doubt it Cocktails - I used to work in a civil service audio visual unit during the 80s, with unlimited access to the (mainly 80s) library music albums. Dreadful - the most lifeless and limp sterile chimes. However, I did manage to borrow a reissue CD of 60s/70s tracks and a super rare Eno CD before I left..

Furtheron said...

Like Bumblebees dance ... maybe I should become a library music composer as my career move?

Mondo said...

There's good money in it F~Ron. Fact! Someone I know who scraped by as a gigging musician in the 80s. Now owns a stately place outside Canterbury, (and a flat in London) with a delicious collection of cars and guitars purely funded through his tunes (ads and themes)for TV.

John Medd said...

J'aime aussi la musique de bibliothèque et j'ai une tache molle pour le muzak de testcard!

Piley said...

I second that tip for the Exclusive Blends CD... In fact every volume of this series is a wall-to-wall cracker.

Funk-tastic post indeed sir!

Mondo said...

This what you want John - why not treat yourself to all 9 volumes.

Volume 2 is probably my most played of the Blow Up comps P