Friday, June 25, 2010

Folky Friday - Moonshine and Mudflats.

Staying with this week's rhythm of celebrations, shindigs and leg-shakings, the Leigh Folk Festival reaches it's peak this weekend, with a bulging menu of music and events.

Saturday is nicely polite, Think: Pimm's, picnic blankets and hampers in the Library Gardens. A micro-festival with side-stalls selling real vinyl records and second hand book bargains, a finger-licking veggie barbecue and live bands folking about in the background - all this and a sea view through the trees. Perhaps this year, I'll try Piley's tip and stick to the Festival Strength Cider to avoid a replay of last festival's alcoholic wobbles and cycling home sideways.

Kelli Ali plays the Library Gardens last year

Sunday it's all going on down Old Leigh way, and a the perfect day to wander around the wharfs, pubs and cockle sheds for more music from new bands and old hands. But, if you can't make the Folk-Fest, why not pick up one of the three official Leigh Folk Festival Cd's for a taste test of the event.

If you are coming to town, don't forget - Canvey is literally skimming distance from Leigh, if you fancy some Oil City sight seeing

Today's titbits are taken from the Island Folk Box - a triple CD set that seems to suit the mood of any season. If you only listen to ANY two tracks from this ol' blog - starring the athletic banjo of Bryn Haworth and Bronco's slow-shifting arpeggios.

Bryn Haworth - Darlin' Cory

Bronco - Time Slips Away


davy h said...

Sounds swell; cycling home sideways indeed.

chocolategirl64 said...

looking forward to it:
hope to see you and family Mondo in the gardens:
Sunday my favourite = Phillious Williams {think he playing 1:30 on Peterboat stage} on Sunday: dirty western vocal geetar:

Mondo said...

Bit of wobble on Davy - mixing and matching between Chenin, Magners and anything else that came to hand. You should pop down one day, you'd love it.
PS I'm at The Word blog-meet tonight so could be pedalling sideways to this year's festival

Did you see the blues/skiffle/jug band lot playing in the tea gardens near The Peter Boat Choco? Lead singer and guitarist was one of the animators working on Yellow Submarine.

Sunday faves for me are the reggae lot skanking outside The Ship

Cocktails said...

I don't know about Lea on Sea, but those tunes make me feel like I'm in Lauryl Canyon in the early 70s.

Have a good time tonight - say hello to Mr BLTP if he's there!

Mondo said...

I haven't really dipped into many Laurel Canyon albums - apart CS&N, do they count?

I know you're no fan of festivals, but you really must give this one a pop one year.

drew said...

Sounds great Mondo.

Not sure about a "finger lickin veggie barbacue" tho'

Furtheron said...

Bryn Haworth saw him years and years ago

Mondo said...

Here you go Drew - these lot do the catering - lush stuff.

Any recommendations on where start dipping into Bryn's back catalogue F-Ron?

John Medd said...

Don't know about Pimms, Mondo, but I've recently 'discovered' G&T! In Plymouth last week and picked up a bottle of 41% Plymouth Gin. Those Bronco boys have got it going on btw.

Mondo said...

Love Plymouth Gin - it's more fruity than the usual Dry Gins. If I'm honest it's not real Pimm's John, but the Aldi version 'Austin's' at only £4.99 a bottle.

Piley said...

t'was indeed a jolly good day on Saturday was it not Mondo? Did you manage to get down for any of the Sunday bash? Wish i'd gone now instead of watching that bloody footie... Grrr. Sack the lot of em!