Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fresh Legs

Hurrah! Things seem to be moving to a better, brighter and more manageable position, so I'm in the mood for getting back on the good foot(y) and giving two formations of Young Scene (The Big Match theme) a run-out. Keith Mansfield's original versh and a sprightly, sporty refit from The Graham Walker Sound

Think of this fixture as a pre-season friendly for Friday's post

Keith Mansfield - Young Scene

The Graham Walker Sound - Young Scene

Anarchy comes to Maine Road:the programme pictured atop this page features one of the earliest outings for Jamie Reid's Anarchy graphics - you can catch a clip of the match below


chocolategirl64 said...

and Dee Dee metals!
glad you're up and away:
I'm feeling saturated with the game already:
think I'll hide till it's done:

Furtheron said...

The Big Match!!! Brian Moore - of course being a Gills fan I have to bow in reverence to one of our greatest ever fans.

He still lives on curtesy of the legendary Gills fanzine "Brian Moore's head looks uncannily like the London Planetarium"... at http://brianmooreshead.wordpress.com/ enjoy :-)

Mondo said...

Don't worry Choco I'm not really a fooball fan (although I do understand the offside rule), so won't be going nuts with World Cup posts - just a couple of discreet mentions.

Brian Moore - comb-overs and sheepskins! His voice is always associated with roast beef, as Dad would fire up the Big Match after our Sunday roasts.

PS - I used to think Bri' was the bloke of the Daddies sauce bottles in the seventies

John Medd said...

Living in the Midlands, we had Star Soccer with Hugh Johns: it was all Birmingham, Wolves, West Brom and Stoke. But when we went to my Uncle Roy's in Hayes we could bask in the full majesty that was Brian Moore; and seeing Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal in an non MOTD setting was something else when you were only 10.

Cocktails said...

Good to hear that things are on the up - those tunes certainly prove it!

And I might be the only one here thinking this, but I REALLY hope that this isn't the prelude to a month of football tracks... If it is, I'm at least glad that its you, rather than anyone else, as you might actually know some good ones (assuming there are any)!

Ishouldbeworking said...

Aw. I used to love Brian Moore. I fondly remember him making a favourable comment about Mervyn Day's hair in 1977. And he was right, it WAS 'very sharp'.

Keith said...

Great clips. Never heard those before. Hope you are doing well this week.

Mondo said...

We were LWT John so got all the London teams - although one of the few Southend games I got to (Watford November 78. We won 1-0) appeared on the Big Match. No footage on youtube sadly...

No, no - defo won't be a football themed month Cocktails. Although I may squeeze a funky George Best related tune in, but certainly won't be any of this-type cut of club or cup anthem.

Blimey has Merv been at the straightners ISB? Always loved the Admiral West Ham kit - genius design.

Hey ho Keith, didn't know you were back in action.

Ishouldbeworking said...

That's Peter Grotier, you wretch - 'Grotier' as in 'far Grotier than lovely Mervyn Day.'

Here's Merv the Swerv in his prime:http://www.ex-hammers.com/images/goalie-4.jpg