Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lazy Sunday - Summer Soulstice

It’s been a while since the last Lazy Sunday charabanc, but with the Druidic doings afoot tomorrow, celebrating the onset of extended lazy days and short heated evenings, it seems timely to fire up a seasonal (and in places mystical) selection of summer numbers, hand-picked and slow-blended, ready to soundtrack any sunny, outdoor sipping and soothing.

Summer Soulstice

You'll find the tracklist in the comm’s to avoid being blog-walloped.

Me at the ‘Henge in my favourite top of the time


Mondo said...

Mystic Moods - Cosmic Sea
The New Mastersounds - 102%
Soundhog - Smoke the Message
Geezers of Nazareth – Sunglasses
McKay - Take Me Over
Sound Dimension - Federated Backdrop
Duke Reid Group - Soul Style
Deep City Band – Masterpiece
Herbie Mann - Do It Again
Rolling Stones - Pass the Wine (Sophia Loren)
The Saint - Sunday After Hours
Lenny Costanza & The Les Battersby Cubano Orchestra - Can't Get You Out of My Bed
George Shearing – Aquarius
Frank Cunimondo Trio - Wichita Lineman
Compass Point All Stars - Peanut Butter
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - If This Ain't Love
Trio Esperança - Não Aguento Você
Hot Rocks – Chopper
Topo-D-Bill - Witchi Tai To
The Motherhood - Soul Town

Mick said...

I'm guessing that pic's from the 70s because the stones aren't fenced off.

And the cool shirt kinda gives it away.

Mondo said...

'77 Mick The year of Children of the Stones, so did a trip to Avebury too. The top was by seventies kids classics Lord Anthony an absolute fave, I wore the blooming thing wore to death. Bought from Southend shop Rosehill's - so rammed with clothing they had a pole for taking things down from high places.

Simon said...

Lovely stuff. Cheers :)

Cocktails said...

Good for a lazy (ahem!) Monday morning at work too.

Mondo said...

Thanks both - I really must give the Frank Cunimondo Trio's
Wichita Lineman it's own post one day. Sort of buried treasure tucked away in there.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Delicious. And the top's pretty special too.

Piley said...

those were the days when touritst atractions were there to be sat on, touched and admired. Now you pay a fortune and get to stand 25 yards away. I went in th 90's but it was well roped off by then.

Felt sure you'd drop a bit of corduroy in there... perfect summer soundtrack.


Mondo said...

It was part of my holiday clobber bought for our summer '77 holiday (1st week in North Devon, 2nd in Wiltshire).

We went back in the early 90s P and it was all roped of. Forgotten how big those stones were though, until I found this pic.

PS I used my Corduroy credits in this mix