Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do you ever feel like peeling off and running through the streets naked and free?

No me neither, but this lot do. I can't tell you much about The Streakers as I don't know much about The Streakers. Except ...

The A-side is an absolute glam-stamping anthem.

The Streakers - Turn Me Down

The B-side is a sunny day delight a'popping and a'fizzing with zip, zing and swing.

The Streakers - Wake Up To Sunshine

Now get your kecks on you filthy beasts


Furtheron said...

what ever happened to streaking? I was a kid when it seemed to be all the rage - now I suppose in the modern sexually liberated 21st century the kids of today can't be bothered with anything as twee as that

Mondo said...

Funny ol' carry-on wasn't F-Ron. Although it seemed to distil down to sporting events eventually - did you ever have a go?

lil said...

My goodness! Can you imagine it Mondo?
What with all the camera phones about these days + YouTube?
K used to work for a fella that was a naturist, who would invite them all along?
No way she would’ve though!

Ishouldbeworking said...

Streakers inadvertently made for some great iconic photographs. The Christ-like one, remonstrating with the copper using his helmet to obscure the bloke's willy. The silhouetted pair of 'castanets' as their owner leaps over the stumps at Lords. And then Erica Roe and her unstoppable knockers. A YouTube upload just wouldn't have the same poignant magic.

Mondo said...

It's odd with naturists Lil, as someone mentioned here "The only nudists you ever see are the people you would gladly pay to put their clothes back on. Sorry to digress slightly, but why do nudists always seem to wear hiking boots?"

Did I ever tell you I used to work with someone who made a point of telling everyone, he hoovered in the nude - Dangly Don we called him

Perhaps CCTV and the thought of being exposed on the WWW has put the show offs off

Too true ISB - did you ever see the NTNOCN parody?

davy h said...

I take it this means your off the invite list for Bloggers Do London Naked Bike Ride next year then Mond? Pity.

davy h said...

Er...'you're', sorry.

Nakedness - no probs; bad grammar - unacceptable.

Piley said...

it had slipped my mind that we dont really get streakers any more. Is it that there is better security at cricket and football these days too? Anyone could get on the pitch in the old days if you wanted.

The fellas always had beards too didn't they?!

Remember that 'serial streaker' bloe back in the late 80's/early 90's who used to streak on loads of different stuff? There was a classic where he ran on that floating map on England whilst a fellas was doing the weather forcast on Richard and Judy's morning TV show!

Mondo said...

Yikes - all those sun-dried saddles and bare bums. It's a recipe for singed bits and chaffing *gulp*

Yes I remember that bloke P - he was always whacking it out somewhere wasn't he. The naked rambler was the last one to keep the flag flying (if that's an appropriate phrase)

What about mooning? It was all the rage once - and who hasn't had at dabble that? waddya mean 'not me'

Ishouldbeworking said...

You're spot-on, Mondo. Sun-dried saddles and bare bums are a terrible combination. There'll be a yeast infection at the very least. Not wholesome at all, but perhaps a crash course for the ravers.

chazza said...

0h God yea!!. . .everyday at the mom's ;p lmfo Life can be so stressfully pants.

id rather the neighbours remember me for flashing, than having a 'Basil Fawlty' moment ranting WTF and have me carted off by the men in white coats. . .lol

Five-Centres said...

Streaking, so Seventies and early Eighties. Never done it myself, but I've been tempted. It's probably better for everyone if I don't.

Altogether now, 'Erica Roe, row, row, your boat gently down the stream...'

Mondo said...

Sound advice from a medical professional ISB, I noticed via Davy's link (above) a few put some-sort of dishcloth construction on the seat - for whose benefit though the cyclist or the saddle?

Hello Chazza - a mate of mine was so furious with his nutty/nosy neighbour - rather than start a barney, he did naked star-jumps in the garden one night. It Worked - he never had any bother from next door again

I couldn't FC - I don't even think I've been tempted. Do you remember the bowls streaker - possibly the unlikeliest event to have a go really

chazza said...

oh dont! Lmfaao. . .i have a g8 imagination. I guess its a far better way than becoming the neighbour from Hell.

Nipped it in the 'butt' before it got worse. . . i dont blame him. Lol

Mondo said...

You'd never believe he's the sort of bloke that would do it either - he's a sober suited city type by day - worra a shocker