Friday, July 16, 2010

Funky Friday - the freewheeling genius of Richie Jackson

Meet Richie Jackson the Australian skateboarder who's more Salvador Dali than 'surfer dude'. His look may be Robert Plant joins Jellyfish. But don't be misled by the Hobbiton hair and 'tache topiary. Richie's a psychedelic skateboarder with the surreal, high-flying fluid moves of the Silver Surfer. An eye-popping eccentric of mentalist inventiveness - think:Wilf Lunn meets Willy Wonka.

Flipping, gliding and grinding over and around the unlikeliest urban furniture. Pavements, pipes, posts, rope chains, escalators - trees even! No boundary or bollard can contain his combustible skateboard combos.

Behold, boggle your eyes and blow your mind at the the screaming genius of Richie Jackson

Sound tracking the vid above is ....
The Attack - Too Old

Sound tracking the vid below is
Pentagram - Be Forewarned

For some homegrown talent - lend an eye to the two wheeled tear-ups of Danny MacAskill (previously seen in the Doves Winter Hill vid')


Cocktails said...

Didn't know you were into skateboarding Mondo?!

Mondo said...

I used to a be a terror - but it was more enthusiasm than ability. Which is probably why I broke my collar bone boarding aged 30. Ouch!

Although I'm keeping the faith by pimping my youngest's board - wheel upgrades, part swaps etc...

Were you ever tempted then Cocktails..?

John Medd said...

The nearest I get is wearing a pair of black Etnies.

Mondo said...

My eldest wears Etnies - the youngest's shoe of choice are Vans. I've got a pair of cracking pair of Who converse if you're tempted

Cocktails said...

No, I was never tempted Mondo. Anything that involved moving or being away from the stereo or a book was definitely not my bag.

Piley said...

Piley says... square, square, squiggle line, squiggle line, dot, dot, dot, square ;-)

Were you ever tempted with those 'finger' skateboards Mondo? I could never understand em! You could do tricks and all sorts, but I guess the question was always "why?". They even had spare wheels (in the unlikely event that you wore yours out from over use on the kitchen table).

Love skateboards as a kid, and still clearly remember my first one which was a wooden board with green writing on it (not homemade!).

Whoda thought they would last all this time?


Mondo said...

You should give it a go Cocktails - it's very liberating. The off-road boards are worth a pop.

Tech Decks? My two love 'em - I can't get the hang at all P. Your first one sounds like a 'Surf Flyer', which were some of the first UK boards. Budget line (£30 back then) I always wanted a Super Skuda. High end: a G & S Fibreflex (seen on the left here) would have been my dream board.

Were you ever a member of Southend Skatebaoard Club - a skate park in the Greyhound Stadium.

And finally - have you seen Dogtown and Z Boys. The absolute essence of the seventies skate scene one of the best docu's ever - and a phenomenal soundtrack. It's The Filth and the Fury/Oil City of Skateboarding..