Friday, October 1, 2010

Caining It

Here's something I've been meaning to clonk in the blog for yonks. A Michael Caine what's it all about Alfie?

Typically I'm not one for autograph hunting - and unlike Pileys legendary and  weighty volumes of celebrity scratchings my collection runs to a can-you-even-call-it-a-collection total of two: a signed summer season programme (Eastbourne '76) with Ray Allen and Cilla's sig's contained therein (BTW she tousled my hair and called me 'chucky egg'. She also wore a fur coat and sunglasses. At Night. In the summer. In Eastbourne). And a George Melly concert ticket - personalised 'yours always'

But, when the unblinking, heavyweight ledge that is Sir Michael of Micklewhite is hosting a biog-signing sesh quite literally around the corner from the office - I'll happily take a place in the queue.

Roy Budd - Get Carter Theme

Quincy Jones - The Self Preservation Society

Nancy Wilson - Alfie

If you're in any way a fan of Get Carter this online tour of the filming locations is well worth a squint

Update: Mike meets Mondo 


davy h said...

Wow, that Get Carter locations site is terrific isn't it? I'm reading this (highly recommended!)at the moment and he writes about the film; having famously grown up in the Elephant & Castle in SE London Caine said he thought he was working class - until he went to Gateshead to film GC...

Mondo said...

It's gone straight on the Christmas/birthday list - I've tucked these two away 1 2 both worth grabbing. I'm a terror for a location mainly music related, but am very tempted with some of these found while digging about for Persuaders bits.

And this is a must. All the Fab footpaths in and around London (drills down to the micro-level of that bush on the Rubber Soul cover)

John Medd said...

I recently re-read Ted Lewis' Get Carter and it just gets better and better. The novel's set in Doncaster btw. And, as a pure aside (on the back of my Barker Blog), Arkwright's shop in Open All Hours was in Donny too.

davy h said...

Apparently the film makers felt Doncaster didn't look grim enough!

That Shawn Levy book looks good Mond - I loved his Rat Pack Confidential. Mrs H got me the Beatles one for me birthday last year.

Piley said...

already go MC safe in the collection - he even personalised the picture I sent him.

Also have Tony Curtis.

Oddly, I put my Persuaders annual up for auction at the weekend, and since yesterday have noticed an increase in 'watchers'.

Mondo said...

I read the novel a few years back John - some great back story in it. Aren't there a couple of Carter books?

The Levy ones a corker snapshotting some offstage string pullers. Bung this in your basket Davy the history of King's Road - stunning stuff. .

Selling your Persuaders annual- how can you P. It's a seventies icon (are there two of 'em? I've only seen the Pink first one though)

davy h said...

Nice whistle!

Mondo said...

I was well chuffed with it, matched pattern, working button holes on the cuffs etc...and got it in the Mango sale for an absolute snip.

davy h said...

You look a bloody sight smarter than His Cainness.

John Medd said...

The old boy looks a bit - did you tell him that Muppet Christmas Carol is up there with Alfie, The Italian Job and Sleuth?!

Mondo said...

'in his gardening gear' and 'dressed to put his bin bags out' were some Facebook comms about the clobber.

And Caine looks a bit phased too John - Boom! Boom! Add Austin Powers, Dressed to Kill and ermm The Swarm

Word veri=micke!

Simon said...

My little fella is going to be so sick of people saying what's it all about when he's older. Much like I hated hearing anything by John Lennon for years or people calling me The Saint.

Names are funny things...

davy h said...

I'll hear nothing against The Muppets Christmas Carol, it's a classic. Wherever you find love it feels like Christmas.

But oi! Put a jacket on!

John Medd said...

I've got a feeling you'll like The Incredibly Strange Film Band's version of Get Carter.

Mondo said...

I can (scuse pun) Imagine there's been a few questions asked over the years (any relation etc..)Simon..

I'm all for the Mupp's Xmas-fest Davy. I must have mentioned it at some point (if not several) over the years - but grab yourself the Muppets in Space soundtrack. It'll be right up your intergalactic highway.

Brings out the Bhaṅgṛā beats and Acid Jazz in Roy Budd's orig - swap you for the H.Leagues versh John

Piley said...

maybe he's just got up from his afternoon nap??

Budd said...

I am very envious!! I would love to the legend!
I have visited that web site a while ago; you can tell the guy really loves the film. I would have equally loved to have seen Gateshead car park in the flesh as well, what a shame they demolished it.
As crime thrillers go, it's unsurpassed. I bought a couple of 60s Brit gangster movies recently - ‘Villain’ starring Richard Burton and 'Robbery' with Stanley Baker - both worth watching.
In terms of modern equivalents, have you seen Shane Meadow's 'Dead Man’s Shoes'? (Brother seeks revenge) and ‘The Lost Son' (man seeks revenge – similar unsettling subject matter as ‘Carter’)
Chris Menges directs the last film (if you liked the movie ‘Dirty, Pretty, Things’, he was the cinematographer)
Great stuff!

Mondo said...

He did seem a touch 'fuddled' for an international film legend P - I only asked was there an audio version available?

Cheers for the tips Budd criminally (scuse pun), I've only seen Get Carter and Villain from your recommendations. Stanley Baker/Robbery is new to me, but sounds a gem. I'll put the rest on my 'ones to watch' list

Budd said...

It's great this blog! Followers get the chance to read interesting stuff and offer some things back in return.
The film 'Robbery' is a must see. It was directed by a Brit called Peter Yates and contains a great car chase scene (
It was the inspiration for the car chase scenes in his next film starring Steve McQueen, ‘Bullet’
.... Yates was the first choice to direct 'The Italian Job' but they chose Peter Collinson in the end. Don't get me wrong, I love that film (I've owned 2 mini's because of it!)
But what would it have been like if Yates did direct it with Caine as a SERIOUS heist movie?? Man that would have been something to see!!
..Have you checked out my 'Get Carter' mix?? I was messing aroung with Audacity after your reccomendation.

Mondo said...

Cheers Budd this is all new to me - and you're right about The Italian Job, love it but could have done with the added wallop Yates would have brought. I'm winging over to check you're Carter mix now.

PS have you noticed the six-fingered man in Get Carter? He's a local bloke used as an extra, and makes a brief appearance in the first bar scene where Carter orders a drink 'In a tall glass' - you may need to follow the Directors commentary to spot him though.

Paul Messis said...

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