Thursday, April 21, 2011

A bass in the country: rocking and rolling around The Wolds and Wales

Cotswold visit the tenth saw us revisiting a few old favourite paths and places and ticking off some new to-do locations: Oxford, Snowshill Manor, the Hook Norton Brewery

It really is the perfect place to spend a spring break - the space, the silence, the green lanes and lack of traffic, spotting frisky-legged lambs a'leaping and fidgeting themselves about the fields or having yourself a lazy bumble around the daffodil and limestone landscapes.

On a musical motif, two local-to-Stow ledge's include bass players - Alex James, whose farm is just a couple of villages up the road and John 'The Ox' Entwhistle, whose Quarwood Mansion can be seen here..

Although a pint in Keith Moon's pub that-was in Chipping Norton still remains on the next time tick-list. On the subject of pubs, if you ever find yourself in Stow The Queen's Head is a must visit - Donnington Brewery's BB is the fruitiest pint I've tasted since this.

Rounding off the run was a long weekend in sunny Shropshire, where spin-outs included a white-knuckle drive/crawl across The Long Mynd, nipping into Wales (Powis Castle and Rhayader). Getting back to bassics, our Shropshire accom' was pitched just a short hop from Fishpool Farm - Ronnie Lane's post Faces home.

Plonk Update: Even though the cottage I've snapped is signed 'Fishpool Farm' on the gate - digging about the net since, I think Ronnie's may have been the next one up. I'll clarify when we revisit 

Unusually we hadn't included any of Plonk's output in the albums packed, but fave tunes soundtracking the trip turned out to be some XTC outtakes from the Fuzzy Warbles volumes..

XTC - Spiral

And the entire Pugwash back catalogue (thanks to Piley Supplies ltd )


davyh said...

It all sounds very lovely. I do like a good country pint.

Mondo said...

If you haven't yet - you really should give it a spin Davy. Your two tots would love it. It's like Tales of the Riverbank meets Enid Blyton: the Cotswold Farm Park (with lambing at this time), splashing in the streams and Cadbury World just an hour away. Or wander around Adelstrop way, Chasleton and Stanway Fountain for the oldies. Our two (14 and 10 now) were so keen they were packed and ready the night before and begged us to head out by 7am!

PS the pic is Upper Slaughter - snapped on my Crapberry, and it really is that lovely..

And the Donnington Bewery looks like this *sighs*

davyh said...
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davyh said...

I vote we all move down there and spend our time bothering Simon.

word verif = unliesh!

Piley said...

glad you all had a blast, and what great weather you had for it too!! Weird how a week on holibobs goes so much quicker than a week at work eh?!

Pleased the Pugwash CD's hit the spot as part of the soundtrack to the holiday.

Welcome back sir!

John Medd said...

The Medd family jollies are remembered as much for the soundtrack(s) as where we actually go. BTW, Pugwash (I know you don't remember!) were joined on stage that night at The Lexington by Dave Gregory.

Mondo said...

A fine idea Davy - get a Cliff style double decker Blogger Bus and boom out the tunes...

Cheers P - in return I'll do you a comp, to brighten your XTC blindspot.

Piles and I we're only chatting about the gig last night (while recording the next poddy}. It's a double whammy gutter - as A: I missed Dave Greg' B:Never heard a note of the tunes!

PS you can catch more of our holiday hits right here

darkdance said...

Mondo, I'm getting caught up. What language do they speak where you are or were and how does one order if one doesn't speak it?