Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello and Good Morning

Hurrah, back at last - after a week spent sampling several nuggets of 'Northerness'

Chips and Gravy (eaten by the Huddersfield canal, and in sight of a Victorian factory chimney - while drinking Dandelion and Burdock)
Yorkshire curd and Yorkshire pud' with sausages and onion gravy
(curd and pud not eaten not at the same time)

A canal boat trip into the Stanedge Tunnel
A bacon butty at Sid's Cafe
The Bronte Museum
Getting to the summit of West Nabb
A windy drive across a blindingly misty Saddlworth Moor

Real Bakewell pudding

Two tunes that turned out to be all-round family favourites, amongst the noshing, sipping and bumbling about were...

Sonic Executive Sessions - Hello


Sparks - Good Morning

PS - the ticklist for another Great North Run may include...

Trying a Spam Fritter
Having a portion of Pie and Peas
A revisit
to the Riverhead Brewery Tap - with it's luscious beer brewed at the pub


Furtheron said...

Looks like a brilliant time.

Sid's Cafe! Isn't that back on? I've not watched it in years but the old Compo, Clegg, Foggy, Sid days were priceless.

Keith said...

Hey there. I hope you had a good time. It's great to see you back though. Take care. Have a fantastic week. Cheers!

Planet Mondo said...

Dunno if it's back on F-ron, but I can recommend the bacon butties at Sid's - delish ! I caved in and checked out Nora Batties place and the Summer Wine exhibition based in Compo's flat - rock and roll!

The good news is there's a second hand booksshop Daisy Lane Books where I picked up Stan Lee's Biog 'Excelsior' and the Mark Paytress Marc Bolan Biog - at three pound a pop - bargain..

And this is the place for chips 'n' gravy

Thanks Keith - I'll be nipping over shortly to see what's a'popping at your place...

Istvanski said...

Have they started wearing shoes up norf yet?
Are you telling me that they've actually got electrickery in them there parts?
How fascinating. ;-P
Sounds like you've had a rare old time.

dickvandyke said...

Ee, nah then lad. It were champion I bet. Nowt else tha needed.

We have inside loos in some of the bigger towns now as well, Itsvanski.

Piley said...

Good to have you back Mondo!

Funny, i'ver always had you down as a bit of a mix of Compo, Clegg n Foggy... think it's your flat cap and rainmack that does it (oh and the string holding up your trews!)


Planet Mondo said...

ISV - we actually went past a clog factory at Hebden Bridge - so someone's wearing 'em up there

Is it shiny paper of soft though DVD?

Wally Batty was always my fave P, not that means Mrs PM is anything like Nora of course (PS - that Sonic Exec's tune is a cover of an unreleased Jellyfish tune)

Anonymous said...

Is there still that great retro shop in Hebden Bridge what sells 60s n 70s furniture etc?
Other stuff yer wanna try next time you in the beautiful north are a few pints of Stones's, Henderson's Relish, and fish 'n' chips cooked in beef dripping.
Sounds like a good night out actually.....

Planet Mondo said...

Anon that sounds exactly like my sort of night out..

Retro furniture - gutted I missed that one, but if you're ever in Belgium get yourself to Ghent - they have a streetful of shops selling nothing but vintage wallpaper !?!?

And if you're ever passing Marsden treat yourself to a pint of Redbrook Premium Bitter 5.5% from The Riverhead Brewery Tap (just off the Huddersfield Road)it's brewed there on the premises - delish.

BLTP said...

PM glad you has good time in god's own county although us south yorkshire tykes don't trust those west yorkshire types!
things to try
Tetley's from the adelhi next to the brewery,
the yorkshire sculpture park
and oven bottom cake or some parkin.
you have to do all this listening to the weddoes!

Planet Mondo said...

We stopped of at the unfortunately named Penistone in S.Yorks for chips and gravy on the way. Which turned out to be possibly the worst C & G in living memory - give the one in the high street (the one that doubles up as a caff too) a swerve if you're ever up that way..

I've had a few recommendations about the sculpture park - I'll have to try it next time and defo that food and booze..