Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Podrophenia 15 - Never Mind the Monarchs, Here's the Podcast

Right up the royal wedding

By real appointment Podrophenia the XVth brings you a barely regal parade of popular song with a royal variety of spongers, posh nobs and hangers on all making the playlist: from Kings to Queens to Dukes. Plus raise high your red berets - there's an exclusive tune from Socialist Rhythm and Bluesers Thee Faction to keep us dressing to the left

Natter-wise we spread out a finger buffet of band name confusement, right royale tack', a meaty new fast food fragrance for men and how flat is my head?

It's music for corgi kicking without a whisper of the W 'n' K words..

Podrophenia 15 - Never Mind the Monarchs

Or via  iTunes

I'm dedicating this post to the memory of one the of the original Queens of Punk - Poly Styrene:1957-2011

A happy couple that nearly got an invite to pitch up and play on the poddy.

Something I contributed to the  Patchwork of Flesh blog


The Polyvinyl Craftsmen said...

We have a couple of songs for all those of you are sick to death of the wedding too.

Mondo said...

Nice to see some Crass on the playlist Coops, listen out for a Ska version of Anarchy at the end of this edish of Podrophenia

lil said...

Fantastic “Royal Wedding” antidote Mondo...
(I really like Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, amazing Prince cover)

Mondo said...

Sharon Jones is a sizzler isn't it. I'l Facebbok you a link to another hat-popper later Lil