Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marx Brothers and Sisters

Dig the New Breed R & B. That's Reds and Blues citizens, as Thee Faction return for round two in their War of Position

Following in the boot steps of red-blooded, blue-collared rock and prolers: MC5, the Feelgoods and The Ramones. The Factioneers kick out the jams going hammer and tongs on the attack through medium of supercharged blues, marching through eleven new tunes with the drilled efficiency of cartoon ants - come to steal Tom (Cameron) and Jerry's (Clegg) picnic - liberating it for the masses

It's the rawest, rockingest, revolutionary rhetoric heard on record since the New York Dolls draped themselves in hammers, sickles and red patent leather.

As track 6 says - do your bit! Get involved, lend The Guild a left ear and vote for change through your record collection

Vive Le Faction and Up The Workers

Join The Party


As a bonus you can tune in to Thee Faction newie 366 right here


Piley said...

I think these sound great Mondo. LOVED the track on the podcast, what a racket! A 21st Century Dr Feelgood with added balls! Which reminds me, am off to see the 3 remaining original Feelgoods perform at the weekend (with unannounced guest vocalist), as part of the Lee Brilleaux memorial celebrations.


Billy said...

Excellent album. Their blog is epic www.TheeFaction.org

Thee said...

Comrade Piley. Very pleased you liked what you heard. Clearly you need a copy of Up The Workers. Send an email to theefaction85@googlemail.com with "GDH Cole" in the subject box for a very very special, comradely offer. This is definitely worth your while.

Comrade Mondo. A tremendous review. We in Thee Faction salute you.

swiss adam said...

These are ace. Up the revolution! At 45rpm's a minute.

Mondo said...

Billy, Adam if you haven't heard it - I'd recommend checking the debut album Live at Ebbw Vale - possibly even more raw-rooted than Up The Workers