Friday, July 8, 2011

Funky Friday: A One off all-soul shakedown

Its been awhiles since we got on the good foot of a weekend. But as we're off to a summer shindig tomorrow night - a garden gathering of scoopy doings and fruity tunes which I've been asked to do the music for - it seems a fine time to fire up some Friday Funk for a one off.

In fact, it was one of these very same get-togethers that partially gave me the push to start sticking tunes into a cyberspace scrapbook, as a way of sharing several CDs worth of home-mixed music comps. Although as it turned out, only this 30 minute snippet has ever been blogged.

Anyhow - tomorrow's collections and compilations span almost 5 hours - give or take a track or two. CDs 1 and 2 tend towards the sunny sounds of Acid Jazz, Studio One, funky covers and world grooves. But set 3 is something strangely I've never pitched in with before - an all out soul-rollercoaster of vintage hits, new bits, covers, northern, Motown, garage, international and instrumental hip swishing funk.

The track-listing is in the comments to swerve a blog-whacking. So tomorrow think of us shaking a Saturday night leg, and perhaps I'll wing in the other 3 CDs during the summer season

Summer Shakedown Volume 3

You'll find a few of these scraps around and about on the blog if you're happy to dig a bit..


Mondo said...

The Bongolian - The Riviera Affair
The Bongolian - Moscow Queen
Jack Hammer - Down in the Subway
Brothers Seven - Evil Ways
Art Butler - Soul Brother
Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers - Sex Machine
Lyn Collins - Fly Me To the Moon
Thelma Houston - Jumping Jack Flash
The Dennisons - Walking the Dog
Una Valli - Satisfaction
Barry St. John - Turn On Your Light
Lonnie Lester - You Can't Go
Jean Wells - With My Love and What You've Got
The Bobby Fuller Four – The Magic Touch
Luther Ingram - If It's All the Same to You Babe
Tom Jones - The Lonely One
Little Milton - More and More
Joe Loss and His Orchestra - A Shot in the Dark
Billy Nicholls - London Social Degree
Annie Phillipe - C'est la mode
Elsa – Écoutez
Shirley Scott - I Want You Back
The Exciters – Blowing Up My Mind
Luther Ingram - Exus Trek
Albert Collins - Cookin' Catfish
Shirley Ellis - Sugar, Let's Shing-A-Ling
Jerry Fuller - Double Life
Lee Moses - Day Tripper
The Sonics - Money

drew said...

Can't wait to listen to this. Thanks for this it must have taken you ages to compile.

wv - experso

lil said...

Fantastic mix Mondo!
I'm looking forward to hearing those other 3 CD's...

Mondo said...

Cheers Drew. Funny thing, I pretty much did it in one hit. I comp'd a list/playlist of bits that may work - dropped them all into a folder, kicked off with The Bongos then sequenced what I felt would work next 'on the bounce/live' with a few scoops one Friday night.

Given a bit more time I would have moved Una Valli - Satisfaction next to Thelma Houston - Jumping Jack Flash. Glaring oversight not to have two Stoners back to back.

The end was the only bit I dabbled with, and that was between Little Richard or The Sonic's versh of Money.

I may zip the others in at some point Lil - CD4 will be a re-fit of this with a funkier front end.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mondo ... its cold in Oz at the moment so some movin' and groovin' to this fab selection be the cure!

davyh said...

It's like having big groovy prezzie all ready to unwrap.

You spoil us Mond, you really do.

Mondo said...

Bless you both - I may up Vol 4 this Friday..

Brad said...

This is a great mix Mondo! I haven't listened to it all yet, but I'm very impressed with what I've heard so far!!

Mondo said...

Cheers Brad - check back for Vol 4 up this Friday...

Wiley Prybar said...

Holy smokes! This is one jumpin' mix! Special thanks for including that Luther Ingram song. I'd forgotten it, and shame on me, 'cause it's classic.
Thanks for the mix. I'm stayin' funky all week long!