Friday, July 1, 2011

Plectrum Analyser

If you haven't picked up on Plectrum - The Cultural Pick yet, issue 9 is the perfect place to hop onboard. Threading together the best of vintage and modern modes: Molly Parkin relates a full and fruity tale of her night with Bo Diddley, Biba people Delisia Howard and Chris Price review Don't Look Now. Mike McInnerney designer of The Who's Tommy album art has a double spread covering the backstory to his assorted sixties 'scene' graphics and new illustrations, while Guy Sangster-Adams catches up with sparky singer-songstress Alice Gold.

All this and music reviews - from me! The Bongolian, Splinters, Real Fur and Horrors boy Faris Badwan's new project Cat's Eye's all go on the stereogram for listening with a critical ear. So who gets must buy and who gets must try harder? Find out in issue 9 of Plectrum - The Cultural Pick

Cat's Eyes - Face in the Crowd

Animal by Real Fur

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