Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet Boggle the dog

Our official Podrophenia mascot - trained and maintained by the dog-handler Mr V Suicide.

In a super swithcheroo - tonight Piley and I back out of our usual playlisting, instead handing tonight's selection - themed around animals - over to the podrophenia panel for an All Suggestions Special. Rats, cats, lizards and rabbits are few of the beasties being pulled out of the hat, along with Chris Constantinou and Marco Pirroni formerly of The Ants and now Wolfmen - each picking a tune a piece for us.

Along with this nifty footed number pitched in by Miss Ally..

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The Charts - For The Birds


John Medd said...

Here's a few to mull over:

Eddie & The Hot Rods: Horseplay
Paddy Milner: Hey Bulldog
Mud: Tiger Feet
The Rutles: Piggy In The Middle
Geraint Watkins: Turn That Chicken Down
Lemon Jelly: All The Ducks Are Swimming In The Water
Fabs: Piggies
John Cooper Clarke: Evidently Chickentown
Def Leppard: Rock On (Def Leppard 2, David Essex 1)
Louis Prima: King Of The Swingers

davyh said...

I think I can see how Boggle got his name.

Hoping to listen tonight.

'Nobody Here But Us Chickens' by Louis Jordan is always a jaunty winner.

Mondo said...

All good calls John, but the animals are safely gathered in now. King Of The Swingers: I did an acoustic versh of that Glasto weekend at a back garden Glasonbury do..

Good shout Davy and you're in luck -it's on the list. You can catch Boggle's other pet pals here

davyh said...

Stone me, that cat above him is hilarious.

Mondo said...

Funnily enough not too dissimilar to the poor ol' stuffed mog in the That's Life clip either

Jon Peake said...

May I suggest forgotten glam stomper Albatross by Chunky?