Tuesday, October 18, 2011

E is for....

Earphones, EQ and every Tuesday at 9! Musically it's Elvis, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Eno and the unlikely alliance of  Edwin and The Beatles moulded and mashed into Starr Club companions

Why? Because the 5th edition of our Podrophonic alphabet gets unwrapped and revealed on Radio Podrophenia, live from 9 on Chance Radio this very evening. Along with the usual chat, banter and live action natter from the board members and regulars.

Swing by if you're about... or if not you can grab last week's edition here, via iTunes or stream below..

Radio Podrophenia - Kinda Country

As a last minute switcheroo, getting pitched in under the 'earworm' entry is this golden nugget of delicousness discovered over at Drew's corner of the interweb. You can grab a copy by zipping here

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