Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear Diary:1980 - October

Fight,fight,fight - when I had rumble with Rochard (pronounced roach-ard). Our school year's notoriously handy Judo bloke. It started when he whipped a few stinging flicks of his school tie at a mate o' mine in the changing rooms - and ended with me having quick a straightener with him. Although the PE teacher walked in put the handbrake any more fiesty hi-jinx.

In other news, it's a weekend in London at cousin Sylv's where we call in to see her best mate Nick Saloman (who stopped by the blog for a guest spot earlier this year) and his legendary record collection. Including the rare Hot Rods edition of the Damned's debut album and tales about his childhood chum Stuart Goddard. Dig about and you'll spot Nick's mum making an appearance in Adam Ant's biog!

The London weekend

Then later - an evening at the pub to see his Nick's band the Von Trap Family, who had managed to nip a couple of spins on the Peel show, where I wore my dad's old Mothers Pride coat for it and put purple crazy colour in my hair. Would you believe in moment of psychedelic synchronicity Nick Saloman as Bevis Frond has just released a new album - The Leaving of London

Crazy Horses

And those wild horses are back, busting loose and running riot through  the school grounds. Although I'm still no clearer who the strange girl is who follows me home. And sits on the bus!

Records added to collection include: ver Subs - Party in Paris (with Capt Sensible on keyboards), Adam Ant - Dog eat Dog and The Professionals with Steve Jones doing a B A Robertson barnet..and of course The Von Traps..

The Von Trap Family - Dreaming Again

UK Subs - Party in Paris

Top 75 Singles

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Ishouldbeworking said...

Cor, fancy taking on the Judo Bully! This would have been when Brian Jacks was at the zenith of his 'Superstars' fame, so every class had a Judo Bully of its own. Even all-girls' schools. Fact.

ally. said...

'a suet got out his big pea shooter'... ooooerrr missus

it's hard to beat '...called me a village idiot. i said i don't live in a village'. genius.


Mondo said...

Brian Jacks - I always think of bunny hops and blonde bubble perms (a horror combo!)..

I think that's Andy Suel (poor handwriting, must try harder) - we went to see The Damned at the Lyceum in the summer of 81.

Matthew Rudd said...

I love Party In Paris, but didn't know about Captain Sensible. Note duly made for when it next appears on the wireless...

drew said...

My and my best mate Stiff nearly had a fight over Party In Paris. Only one coloured copy left in Woolies. Didn't come to blows as Stiff reasoned, as he had all the other ones on cloured vinyl then hee should have it, I graciously conceded and bought some thing different, probably Troube by Gillan or Dog Eat Dog as I have both of those.