Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Name That Tune

Well, it's more name that drummer really - who is the mystery tub-thumper bashing about on the Black Abbot's uptempo update of Soul Man?

Black Abbots - Soul Man

It's a tune pitched on to tonight's playlist - along with The Sid Presley Experience, The Len Price 3 and Betty Wright (or possibly Lowell Fulson instead) as we roll-out twelve tracks fitted around 'Names' for tonight's Radio Podrophenia - live from 9 on Chance Radio. Where we'll be joined by Gary Fowles all the way from Memphis, Norway - Sweden..

If you've had trouble tuning in or can't do Tuesday's, all back issues are grabbable via iTunes

You can catch the Len Price 3 live at the Half Moon Putney October 14th. Full details are viewable at Retroman's site

And the mystery drummer was....him on the second left. Russ Abbot


Simon said...

I'm surprised you've no responses yet. He wasn't a bad drummer as it goes, and this is better than his later musical career!

davyh said...

The clue is in the group name!

Mondo said...

Top marks you two. Grab it here - to my old ears it's even better than volume 1

Rigid Digit said...
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Rigid Digit said...

The bands called The Black ABBOTS.
Which is a bit of a clue

Just reminds me that Saturday Nights just don't feel the same without a Madhouse

Len Price 3 - fantastic band. My most listened to album(s) of 2011, and I'm told (by Retro Man) that there even better live

swiss adam said...

I love a party with a happy atmosphere.

Retro Man said...

Hey, thanks for the Len Price 3 plug, much appreciated! Steve

Mondo said...

Good work all - it is Russ Abbott who doubled up as one of our Mozza-likes too. And the blooming tracks live too - incredible