Friday, November 4, 2011

Massive Mingles and Members

Should you fancy shaking an anniversary leg of a Friday night, our chums over at Blow Up celebrate 18 years of  Pop Art club nights, hip-swishing sounds and big, beaty, retro groovy doings. Get on your sharpest finery and head westwards to W12 as Blow Up DJs - Paul Tunkin, Ian Jackson will be spinning 60's Soul, Beat, Garage, Funk, Ska, Soundtracks, Electronica, Library Music colliding with British Pop, Glam, Indie-Pop and New-Wave. Click on the pic for all the info you need to know..

Here at Mondo HQ we offer an 18th birthday soul salute and wish all of the Blow Uppers past and present a rip-roaring, rug-cutter of an evening..

Or, if you're a Word mag' reader and happen to be round and about Goodge Street way this evening - there's a get together of Word bloggers, browsers and contributors at King and Queen, 1 Foley Street, W1W 6DL - organised by Hannah

Those who've put an attending hand in the air include: Drakey Girl, Katy G, Jo dB and Retro Man. From the Southend Chapter, Marmite Boy and myself will be chipping along for a scoop or two. If you do happen to be round and about Goodge Street/Foley Street way tonight - why not pop in for a toddy and a chat from 6. All the info you need is here

Harvey Averne - The Word

The Massive Member Montage - I'm in there somewhere!


Furtheron said...

bit dubious of clicking on a photo link with the title "massive member montage" :-)

Mondo said...

The pic's the handiwork of Drakey Girl

Ps Battleships style - I'm 9 down and 2 across

Drakeygirl said...

Furtheron - Dubious title was fully intended. I liked the idea of someone googling the phrase and getting an eyeful of filth.

I'm 4d 7a, by the way...