Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spooky doings in old Leigh on Sea...

Hold fast for horror, spooks and spine-tingling tales from 9 tonight when we're joined by local author and  the High Priestess of Supernatural Fiction - Syd Moore, reading from her debut publication The Drowning Pool.. a ghost story that invokes a Leigh on Sea legend reworking it into a contemporay context. Also in is Paul from Pouch of Douglas who'll be giving us details of an upcoming zombie art expo..

And - if we can track him down, former keyboarder, guitarist and song writer for The Damned - Roman Jugg will be summoning up some live music! Musically expect requests for Eno and Byrne's Jezebel Spirit, Drac's Back..This House is Haunted and a special dedication for the Lee Perry track below..

All live on Radio Podrophenia between 9 and 10:30(ish)

Natterwise we want to know what horror films haven't you seen, local urban myths and irrationally scary items..

Lee Perry - Disco Devil

If you haven't seen it -  tuck into the Possession episode of Thriller, one of the greatest pieces of TV fright-night fiction ever written...

Roman Jugg's video nasty


lil said...

Cor that takes me back; the Damned on The Young Ones, what more could a girl want?
Can’t believe the show malfunction last night Mondo; I thought “The Jezebel Curse” was just myth & superstition?

Mondo said...

'Mazing isn't it - never again with that tune though. The upside is we all had a fine old time down the pub and will probably get Syd and Roman on individually as they're great storytellers with tons of tales..

Word veri - Binti