Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where's the F in Funk

Chapter Six (well my half) of the Podrophonic Alphabet sets controls for the heart of funk playlisting naught but nifty footed-nuggets and unlikely places to find The Funk: onions, fever, trips. Also an unreleased Motown rarity and a Georgie Fame outtake.

Lend an ear here from 9 for a fistful of funky gubbins and an all out super-power con-funk-tation. Also nipping in from 9 is Fi Jacobs for a Railway Round Up - did anybody manage to eat/beat the Crass Burger Challenge...? Find out tonight on Radio Podrophenia.

Above: James Jamerson and his 'Funk Machine'

Below: my Jamerson clone bass..

Some nearly but not quites were.........

Ray Johnson ~ Funky Way

A version of Earl Van Dyke's - Soul Stomp will be in Tonight's Radio Podrophenia

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