Friday, January 13, 2012

Funky Friday - The Salsa Davis Group

Aye Carumba amigos - how about this for a for two-fisted find - not uno, but dos Spencer Davies ditties given a hot tropical going over by way of this collection of samba stompers and shakers.

Feeling Alright - usually known to these ears via Lulu's lung-busting belter.

I'm a Man - of all the frisky refits, Wynder K Frog's take is the one I'll typically reach for first.

But for a pan-continental combo try these for sizzlers..

Feelin Alright - Mongo Santamaria

Spiteri - I'm A Man

And if you missed our Top Tunes of 2011 Radio Podrophenia - fill your boots below

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Rockmother said...

Lovely choices Mr Mondo as always. Love the I'm A Man version. I love the opening chords of that track whoever does it. Am sort of back blogging - over 'ere now:

Ta ra and have a lovely day x

Mondo said...

Cheers Romo - and great to see our mutual chums those Cornershoppers getting a toot at your new place