Friday, January 20, 2012

Podrophenia TV

Pull up a seat, ready your remote and focus your peepers as Piley and I unravel the big red ribbon wrapped around our new Youtube channel Podrophenia TV.

Last year Roman Jugg and Darren Jones joined Piley and myself in our Tuesday night bunker for some close mic'd acoustic sessions, which (with thanks to Phil Hubbard) have been recorded, rendered and uploaded to Channel P. So what's on the viewing information..

Roman Jugg gives us an acoustic version of The Damned's obscure single-only release 'Lovely Money' - refitting it as a stripped down Ray Davies unplugged piece- (or is that unjugged). With the Viv Stanshall spoken word section being taken up by Piley and the other one.

And local lad and Oil City dweller Darren Jones - pitches in with 3 self compositions from the first of his two acoustic sets

We'll update and upload as more Podrophonic sessions happen - (and more are planned)

But for now turn on, tune in and tell a pal.
Podrophenia TV.


office pest said...

Fabulous, your own TV channel, what a great idea. You've even got a traditional telly screen and a widescreen telly screen. Attention to detail.

Looking forward to more; all the best, OP.

Mondo said...

Cheers OP - perhaps we should get wood panelling for full vintage effect too

Ian Van Groove said...

Love 'Lovely Money', bravo Mr. Jugg. This is a site for sore eyes & no mistake guvnor!

Mondo said...

Cheers Ian - hopefully we'll get him back for another un-jugged performance soonish

Anonymous said...

Great videos

Even better test card pic!!! :-)

Mondo said...

Bless you Jacqui - your too kind