Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tune In for Charity Shop Classics

Suggested by David Wright - the theme for this evening's Tuesday night shindig is Charity Shop Classics.  Theme tunes, Studio 2 Stereo albums, Herb Alpert and Hallmark TOTP make-overs are all appearing on the Radio Podrophenia playlist...live from 9. It won't be a complete cheese board, we're also donating Big Beat, Beatles covers and Shirley Bassey belting out the funk.

Along with some natter and banter on best/worst buys, and an eye-spy guide to charity shop stock - books: James Bond, Jaws, Blue Peter annuals. Records: MFP, The World of comps...gadgets: sketch-a-graph'.

If you're an Apple or Android user,  you can now lend a digital ear to Chance Radio via the TuneIn app. And  if you missed it or fancy a re-run of last week's charabanc around the musical song map you can climb aboard below

This is my opener for tonight, following a Bassey related rarity from Piley

Shirley Bassey - Spinning Wheel

  Radio Podrophenia - Avenues and Alleyways

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