Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Money Programme: Take 2

 Lord Reginald of Varney using the World's first cash machine...

Due to some unexpected technical agg (broadband link went pop) - the Money edition of Podrophenia never happened. So it's take two with special guest Daryl Easlea tonight from 9 at Chance Radio

Should you fancy a listen to last week's outing (the letter 'L') - take one and pass it on below. Or via iTunes
Radio Podrophenia - The Letter L


Pounds, shillings and pence are the fistful of fiscals underwriting tonight's Money themed radio runout - where we're joined by local music writer (Mojo, Q, The Guardian, Uncut, Dazed & Confused, The Independent), DJ and broadcaster Mr Daryl Easlea..

Four tunes a pop amongst Daryl, Piley and myself. I'm opening my account with Magic Michael, Steve Marriot and Lee Perry.

If you missed last week's installment of the Podrophonic Alphabet: The Letter K ... take one and pass it on

Radio Podrophenia - The Letter K


John Medd said...

Hard to think of a time when Reg Varney (making the 1st. ever cash withdrawal from a UK ATM) and Ernie Wise (making the 1st. ever UK mobile phone call) were the biggest names on the circuit.

Mondo said...

Well I never - *makes note for the next Pub Quiz*. PS there's a Beatles Brain pop quiz at our local (The Railway) soon John