Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Radio One Year On

Three studios, fifty two weeks and fourty seven Podrophenia's later* - Piley and I cross the waymarker that is one year of Radio Podrophenia and our live Tuesday night natter-abouts.

And what a twelve month run we've had.... a gallery of guests pooling together members of The Damned (Roman Jugg) local musicians (Dave Woodcock, Darren Jones, Andy J Gallagher), writers (Syd Moore, Daryl Easlea) artists (Simon Monk), regulars (Fi Jacobs) and Podrophenia Board Members ( Pouchie, Phil Hubbs, Dan, Marmite, Jack Gestures, Gary Fowles). Even a live outing with Len Price 3 and a handful of magazine mentions.

A huge salute is due to our live listening chums (speaking and silent types), the take away downloaders, jingle-makers (Hubbs, Drakey, PH Send) and all the board commentators, contributors and regulars with special mentions going to Drakey, Hannah, JoDB, Lil, Dan, Phil Hubbard, Captain Kettle, Iceman Sam, Reado Jr, Martin, Maxwell, Marmite, E F Rice, Jack Gestures, Retroman, Mark Underwoood, Dog Faced Boy for propping up the bar from week to week.

So what spectacular spin and whistles have we got planned for tonight - well, ermmm, we're going for covers (again), the theme we blasted off with three years ago, and reheated for our first radio run-out last year. Expect to hear Ella getting heavy, splashes of Schlager, Indian psychedelic/hard rock  and behold the Golden Voice of Prague.

If you missed last week's Podophenia a fully loaded edition with a storming performance and live session from Dave Woodcock, the latest signing to Blow Up Records  - fill your boots here, or via iTunes..

*Should be our fifty second show, but due to the odd tech meltdown and holidays - tonight comes in as number fourty eight.


John Medd said...

You've both played a blinder!

See you soon


Drakeygirl said...

Well done on reaching your 1 year milestone - it's been a blast.
Looking forward to tonight's show. Just realised I can play it through my Sonos system instead of on the computer, so we need plenty of loud stuff to rattle our hi-fi speakers!

Mondo said...

Bless you both, we've had a tear-up. I've got a mini-theme lined up for tonight - more on that later..

Gary Fowles said...

One year! Who'd have thunk it? Congrats to you both. Despite the odd glitch here and there, I think you've gone from strength to strength. Obviously the show I was on was the high water mark (cough), but seriously well done.

It's not just the show, it's the spirit behind it all that is so great. The regular big ups for The Railway Hotel and the likes of Dave Woodcock and his 'family', make it feel like 'our' show. And in this fast paced world that feeling doesn't happen very often.

Cocktails said...

Congratulations! Just think from those first few podcasts to this - you must be really pleased. I'm not around much to listen to the live broadcasts but still enjoy catching up on the podcasts when I can... so yes, I'm now officially back being a lurker type...

Mondo said...

Do you know - you've nailed it Gary. It has developed a family/communal feel with the board banter, natter and chat. It's a added dimension we never expected..

Lurk away Cocktails, always good to have you onboard. If you're not sure where to dip into the back issues I'd recommend the last two: Money with Daryl Easlea and Southenders with Dave Woocock

tory burch said...

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