Friday, May 18, 2012

Wilko Johnson on debut gigs, dodgy venues and Cloud 9

Terribly grim business this week with Donald Duck Dunn and Donna Summer -  Larry does the pitch perfect tributes to both here and  here . For my part, in no way a smirch on the life of Donna Summer - but, more a celebration of the deep-reach of her magnificence. Behold the Bollywood refit of I Feel Love....

A snatch of background: On the day I phoned Wilko Johnson for our Vive Le Rock interview, the line was beeping with a gut-rumbling engaged tone. A ticker tape of terrors rattled across my noggin - wrong number, dead line - he's forgotten! It turned out to be none of the above. Wilko had been busy on the helpline to Her Majesty's finest telecom's advisors, trying to untangle the mangle that is his old age pension.

You won't read about his rights, entitlements and allowances in issue 7 of Vive Le Rock. No, no we stick strictly to the script of Dr Feelgood's first gigs in Canvey and London. revealing - which gig does Wiko dispute as the band's debut, where did he have to avoid bashing his head - who barked at him for dragging amps across the metallic floor? All this can be read and digested between the covers of the latest Vive Le Rock in this edtion's You Should've Been There feature

The Quinn Martin style epilogue : I bumped into his Royal Wilko-ness while DJing at The Railway last Sunday (also in attendance was NME photographic ledge Dean Chalkley) - and can confirm he's even more of a gent and a legend in person....

If you fancy more musical based chat and chanter - grab yourself a copy of Tuesday's Radio Podrophenia (theme:Money) where Piley and I were joined by champion chap and choon chooser - Daryl Easlea for a chatter-about on days working at record shops, writing sleeve notes (over 300 to his credit) interviewing Lee Perry and the lost magic of ABC's Beauty Stab

Radio Podrophenia - Money

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