Friday, October 19, 2012

Sunday Sessions: a funking about by the river special(s)

Sock it to 'em JB

Following a Sunday off - the boy Marmite and I are back and installed behind bar at Southend"s Railway Hotel ,  dabbing about with the newly patched in Radiogram.

Taking the floor from four thirty are Marc Cecil's three piece: The Band With No Name - a free-form funk outfit riding live and unaided by the safety net of setlist or rehearsal. What you hear on the day, happens, as it happens - without any prep or pre-production. Of course it can only help if the collective are a power trio of pro-players: Marc (drums), Julian Burdock (guitar, harp, vox) and Dan (bass)

Working around a sound that's perhaps more good footed than the usual Sunday shenanigans - Marmite and I may tweak this Sunday's setlist with a funkier flow than yer typical Sunday sesh...with these Specials themed groovers getting a run out


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