Friday, October 5, 2012

Sunday Sessions: Roll out the Barrelhouse Woman and the Blue Coat Man..

A full afternoon of leg-kicking (literally), chair-standing (literally) PA-quaking (literally) rock 'n' roll 'n' soul - was had last Sunday as West Weston tore up the assembled Sunday Session jivers and dancers for another Sabbath shindig. The rhythm section of Orlando Shearer and Mike Thorne slinked with a Stray Cat strut, and Paul Garner's blues runs, riffs and sweat-fingered solos seemed to be pulled from his very boots.

Wrapping up from 7:30 -  Mo' Fingers  whipped and whistled along, blazing through a setlist of heavy-handed Hammond melters

This week, the Grand Master of jazz and blues guitar - Martin McNeill is back with his Bottletop Blues Band and Steve West Weston sitting in on harmonica. Come along and park yourself at The Railway Hotel from 4:30 for a full afternoon (and evening if you've got the stamina) of musical doings...

I'll be sharing DJ duties with the boy Marmite. A sneak preview of a couple likely rockers likely to be popped into my playlist are...

Champion Jack Dupree - Barrelhouse Woman

Eddie Boyd - Blue Coat Man

And it just wouldn't be Sunday without at least one Lowell Fulson tune..


Colin Gillman said...

Ah Mondo old love - Axe here back with a debut album by The Dead Dictators called 12 coming out as a free download on 12/12/12 and as such here is a demo track - drums still want finishing off - that I thought you might liek to hear? Dead Dictators is Cotski and Istvanskki. It's Punk Metal Only Fools & Horses PMOFG. Enjoy. And any chance of a Poddy plug old chap?

Mondo said...

Hey ho - Axe, good to hear from you. I'll lend it an ear and try to squeeze into an upcoming podcast