Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Golden Hour with Podrophenia...

Modern gadgets re-imagined '77 style- full set here at Alt/1977

Tonight from nine, you'll find Piley and myself parked upstairs at The Railway recording a 'years' edition of Podrophenia. A theme suggested by long-haul listener/contributor - E F Rice

Not sure what vintage Piley's picked, but I'll be winging in six tracks from 1977, a year that in my book of Pop Britannica gets a red-ringed as one of the few genuinely seismic years with a run of albums, singles and films  impacting and exploding with as much cross-cultural fallout as 1956, 1963 or 1967..

One track that may or may not get nipped into the playlist - it's pop, it's punk, it's space-age glam! It's....

A genuine 1977 hi-fi ad'

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