Friday, November 2, 2012

Hugh Cornwell in conversation - TV Smith in concert.

What a gent, what a legend - what an articulate and intelligent chap. Who? Hugh Cornwell - as interviewed (by me) - for the latest issue of Vive Le Rock.

Fourty minutes seems to be the going rate for a natter-about with yer Elders of Rock - not so Sir Hugh of Cornwell. Two hours of dinner, drinks and chattery, parked up in a polite gastro-pub Ladbroke Grove way. Where, we discussed the new album Totem and Taboo, the new tour, and his recent reworking of Golden Brown in a Marachi style - a cover that's caused crackles in the hackles of some Stranglers avids...

It's all available to view in the latest Vive Le Rock


As a Men in Black bonus, Barry Cain pitches in with an exclusive two-fisted tale of accompanying The Stranglers while they fire up a full-flight riot in Rome.

Barry and the Boys in Black, in Rome

So where in the name of Gary Gilmore does TV Smith come into all of this? Well, Mr Tim returns for his second visit to Southend's Railway Hotel on November 23rd. In fact TV was so buzzed after his last gig he booked this one the very next day! With a note that read

"I'm definitely putting the Railway on my list of "regulars!" Venues run by music lovers for music lovers are something I'm used to in the rest of Europe, but they're a rare thing in the UK..!"

We're running it as three way whammy of : Retroman Promotions, Southend Punk  and Radio Podrophenia (we're DJing on the night). The Facebook page is here if you need all the dates and details

We'd love to see you on the night, whether you're a local or a grockel....

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