Friday, November 23, 2012

Tonight: TV Smith Live at Southend's Railway Hotel - and It's all free..

*Fires up Podrophenia tannoy*

Last call, last call - for TV Smith at Southend's Railway Hotel tonight.

The evening's programme of events will open with a solo spot from Mr Dick York (of Crysiss)


Followed by Southend's own Tuppenny Bunters, a drums and keys two piece, consisting of Fi and Dave Dulake - managers of The Railway (so no excuse for late arrival there)

And finally Mr TV of Smith rabble-rowsing the crowd with his mix raw-rooted acoustic punk and protest folk.

But behold: there'll also be merchandise stalls: CDs, Sophie Lo posters and handmade Gaye Advert jewellery for sale.

In and around the bands Piley and I will being slinging in some Podrophonic stompers 'n' stampers throughout the aftershow in the main bar until 1am. It's free and starts at 8:30.

So don't just sit there pal, hoof yourself Southendwards from 8

*Feedback. Clicks tannoy off*


John Medd said...

Sorry I can't be there. Have one for me. Hope TV's got a new vest. J

Mondo said...

It was a rocking one J - we even had a stage invasion! All here except the stage invasion. As the photographer was errrm on stage

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