Friday, February 15, 2013

Electric Ballroom Glitz and Paper Dresses

Where the Wild Things Are

So, Sunday - was funk, hammond, Motown, disco - but, mostly reggae that sparked off the dance, leading into a live segue of me spinning this and The Basey Brothers picking up the Latin baton, then vamping a live version as the intro to their Sunday evening set.

Although tonight's earfuls will be spun from a much tougher cut of musical cloth. I'll be winging in a mish-mash bash of proto-punk, freakbeat, garage a go-go and all things good 'n' glamorous as part of my Mondophonic ad-hoc setlist. Tunes that will be set-dressing an evening of live music from two of London's rockingest bands at the capital's grooviest vintage boutique and bar - Paper Dress

Live-wise we've a double barrel bill of ....

The Blow

The Feathers

With me whacking in the sonic attack before, between and after the bands. If you fancy a preview - these two mixes should set the scene for the sequins 'n' spikes shindig.....

Harmonic Generation

33 and a 3rd Eye

The romper-stompin starts at 7:30 and runs until midnight. Paper dress also boasts one the most internationally panoramic bars in London with a bevvy of imported beer and fruity booze.

As Alvin said 'tomcat, you know where it's at' - so,  coo ca choos - haul your boogie, your bovver boots and platform heels to 114-116 Curtain Road and Paper Dress for an evening of stompers, spanglers and sparklers.

If there's any album that renders the essence punk, glam and garage into a nippy fist of pacey riffing it's the Heartbreakers L.A..M.F .  The notoriously muddy original mix, has been remixed, remastered and reissued several times But for an alt.take - lend an ear to the rare UK cassette mix. Distributed at the same time, but a sharper spikier sound than any other available version. And if you likes what you hears - grab a (free) copy hereabouts



Doktor Alphonzo said...

Splendid psych compilation :-)

Mondo said...

Glad it's rocking your boots - you can grab the full run of Mondo Mixes here