Friday, February 22, 2013

Two months in, two weeks apart - and we've already had two Gigs of the Year

Photo by Paul Hughes

Podrophenia Roadshow the Fifth was our most rammed do to date with representation from a sparkling selection of Southend scenesters: Zoë and Dylan Howe , the Middle Age Spreaders, Level 4 editorial team, a Polyvinyl Craftsmen. Musicians Darren Jones, Dave Woodcock, Wendy Solomon Tom Burgess and pals and Podophonic regulars E F Rice, Pouchy Paul, Simon Monk, Martin Read - were all aboard for a leg-shake and a post-gig shindig to the disco doings of Piley and myself.

Opening the evening to a (possibly over) capacity crowd, and kicking in after a Zoë Howe intro - Eight Rounds Rapid blazed through an unrelenting set, with all the clout and power of a raging electrical storm Dostoevsky, Steve, Britain's Got Talent (But Most of Us Haven't) - every track in fact connected with impact of a prizefighter's punch. As Billy Reeves of Thee Faction later said it was 'a defining performance'  an 'I swear I was there' gig.  similar to the Pistols at the 100 club or Manchester Free Trade Hall.

Breaking News: Eight Rounds Rapid are supporting Wilko Johnson on his Farewell Tour of the UK throughout February and March

Photo by Paul Hughes

For their triumphant Railway return, Thee Faction were bulked and buffed by the addition of a real live horn section Brass Kapital. As always - the songs are sharp, the between-song banter is both boisterous and inspiring - and the performances are powerhouse Revolutionary R 'n' B. Thee Faction are simply one of the most engaging, inclusive and welcoming bands to set foot onto a soundstage. Think Speakers Corner passion with Soul Revue swish....

Next, to Shoreditch and the groovy bar/boutique that is Paper Dress for a night of all out glam 'n' rocking. New-to-me The Blow were classic Les Paul based riffery - patrolling the borders between the Pistols, Led Zep and Jeff Beck.

After a selection of glam-stampers from my bag of discs and tricks, The Feathers delivered a set pitched at the pace of The Ramones with the sort of hooky choruses and ear-snagging anthems echoing The Revillos, The Runaways and Ronno-era Bowie. And behold two guests were on board a for loose-fitting re-tweak of the Dame's Cracked Actor Spizz Energi and errmm me!

But, let's leave the last word to Barry Cain who, said of our Feathered friends 'Great melodies, tight harmonies, glam and eggs. With the right direction they have huge potential.'

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