Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Radio Podrophenia - The Letter O

The latest Podrophenia podcast with Piley, David Jazzy Dawson working the desk, you-know-who -  comes fitted around the letter O. The 15th instalment in our Podrophonic Alphabet. Expect to hear: vintage punk , new tunes from local talent and pop classices re-covered.. 

As well natter and banter about the Queen Mother's book of condolence, Piley's creepy Dracula chum and some nut-popping monkey news.

You'll also discover what 'Spider-Man' and 'Umlauts'are (in a bedroom sense) get an earful of a salty new jingle from Phil Hubbard - and there's even a pop quiz. In two meanings of the phrase

Edition O is possibly our jazziest (in the mag sense) Podrophenia - so not recommended for the young of hearing

Or via iTunes

It's us! We've made the paper 'n' everything

I'm dedicating this post to the memory of Reg Presely - ashes to ashes, fairydust to fairydust...


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