Friday, May 10, 2013

Vive Le Wilko

Centred in the twelfth issue of  Vive Le Rock - amongst features on The Adverts, The B52s,Tom Tom Club and The Cramps you'll find ten pages of wall-to-wall Wilkoness.

Editor Eugene Butcher offers an exclusive and emotional interview with the King of Canvey Island. While I've pulled together eight pages of features and contributions from assorted pals.  

Piley brings you a Dr Feelgood biography, Wilko biographer Zoë Howe hand-picks five key tracks from his back catalogue. Barry Cain pitches in with a Lord of Oil City interview from 1977. While Dave Alexander (Eight Rounds Rapid) , Steve Hooker, Dave Dulake and Roman Jugg all give unique insights into what gives Wilko his Wilkoness.  

Me, I chip in telling the tale of the day we did an improv gig together, chat with Wilk's about his hero Chuck Berry, and review his final farewell show at Koko....

And worra result to be DJing last Sunday, when Wilko dropped in to catch his favourite local band Martin McNeill - where  I happened to have VLR handy for him to put his squiggle on.

Picture by Wilko's best pal French Henri


Furtheron said...

Vive la Wilko indeed.

I dug out my DVD of Dr Feelgood from Southend the other day.... phenomenal!

Mondo said...

You've seen Oil City Confidential ?

If not watch it, watch it and watch it again. One of the greatest rock films ever!