Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tonight! Podrophenia - a Bowie Special and Eight Rounds Rapid secret single revealed

We are the goon squad and we're coming to town – for a Podrophenia Bowie special or Bowiephenia you could say.Beep-beep

What’s in our Velvet Goldmine of glittering goodies? Exclusive covers from The Wolfmen, the Southend Allstars (featuring Andy J Warhol, Ronno Jugg, Leee Black Andrews, Dave Woody Woodmansey and Mark Bolan) also Silvery and The Millipede Engine

Dave Woodock joins us for live music. And behold – a preview of the due-soon Eight Rounds Rapid secret single. Our first release on the Podrophenia label

8RR white label test pressing 

So come on all you young (and not so young dudes), Moonage Daydreamers and Lady stardusts – lean back on your Radio Nova Lujon for some cat’s layin’ down some rock ‘n’ roll. Lotta Soul

Join us at Novalujon – live from 9. Or swing by the Facebook page and say hello…

Daryl Easlea (previously of the Money edition Podrophenia) vamping like a champ last Sunday

One sidelined for tonight - can you spot the DB sample in this DB tune



John Medd said...

Good luck with Lodgerphenia tonight; don't know if I can catch it live, but I'll certainly be listening to the repeat. Say hello to the other one for me.

Mondo said...

There's a few threads you'd be good for tonight J - Saveloy Bowie Songs - Saveloys Keep Singing etc (there is a reason for Sav's - find out tonight).

Peel Band Name Generator
(Charity you’ve supported + a parent's occupation) ie...

Guide Dog Librarian
Amnesty Architects
Mind Cleaner
The Ghanaian Village Lecturers
Woodland Pharmacist
The Blind Society Welders
African village coachworks
Skid Row Electrician
The Easter Seals Embalmers.

And Made up Bowie connections with your town. You know where we'll be parked up if you're free