Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Podrophenia fifth Anniversary special - with five tunes of boom, from The Ends...

Kapow, what a way to celebrate five years of Podrophonic bumbling - with a full-pelt belter of a session from The Ends. Who, gave us a fistful of booming new tunes - and a couple of bonus covers, off the cuff and unrehearsed, but sounding as fast and furious as the rest of the set  - all played out live, to a specially invited audience, and at the centre of the set  - new single Black Hole Girl

Studio-wise there's all the usual chat and natter. some '5' themed tracks from Sammy Davies, Ben Folds, David Bowie, David Woodcock sweary Elvis and five punk legends that make up The Mutants..

And a pop-up from Podro past guests Pouchy Paul and Jack Gestures, and newbies to the pod booth - Steve Taylor of Swindle and Mickey Denny

So buckle up and behold as Podrophenia meets The Ends...
MP3 here, iTunes here or stream away below

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