Thursday, July 10, 2014

Podrophenia: a Five Year Mission to to explore strange new sounds

This evening Piley and I celebrate and mark our fifth Podrophonic Anniversary! Five years that started with us parked up at Piley HQ playing records and a ball-pit, to tonight where we'll be broadcasting live music from The Railway's ballroom

During however many shows it is! (I haven't kept count) we've migrated from as-'n'-when podcasts to regular live radio run-outs. Had sessions from a scrolling rollcall of southend talent:. David Woodcock, Darren Jones, Roman jugg, Andy Gallagher, Syd Moore, Hannah Marsh, Tom Burgess, Philious Williams Steve Hooker and the Glass Brides

Been lucky enough to bring in a gallery of guests for chats and natters. And were on to our 8th live night at the last count, Podrophenia (and sometimes Retroman team-ups) always superbly shot by Paul Hughes, that have included storming performances from the Len Price 3, Bif Bam Pow, TV Smith, Dick Yorke, Swindle, Andy Gallagher, Thee Faction and - Eight Rounds Rapid, the rising rockers who became our first release on the Podrophenia label

Random Podro moments: a flashmob review from the listeners on this single. A stage invasion at our TV Smith night, being bootlegged by Russian sites. Although of all the hot-spots and highlights - getting the offical endorsment and approval of David Bowie will be hard to beat..

A magical, and musical mystery tour that has taken Piley and I to places and people, we couldn't have in anyway expected when we chuckled and bumbled our way through that first sixty minutes of tunes and chatter in July 2009

If you've ever listened live,downloaded a podcast, chipped in, appeared in, commented, suggested a tune, bought a single, shaken a leg at live night - we'd love it if you could swing by for a listen in tonight

Or if you're local pop down to the Railway for our indoor/outdoor broadcast of a live session from Southend's chippies nippiest band The Ends

A huge thank you is due to everyone who's ever done any of the above

You can listen live from 8pm Southend Sentral Time here at Ship Full of Bombs and chip in at Chatwing...

Salut and here's to another 5


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