Friday, July 18, 2014

Snap, Crackle & Bastard Pop: Spliced Krispies 2

When I first fired up this blog, almost seven years ago - one of the earliest entries was a Fabtastic bootleg remix Jet Lady Joe - leaked from the lab of DJ and remixer Mark Vidler - aka Go Home Productions...

A few months on, and we were lucky enough to bag a world exclusive on GHP's hat-popping, bastard pop compendium - Spliced Krispes, which bolted together The Supremes with TV themes, the Beach Boys with school boys

So huzzah and hats in the air - as the Willy Wonka of soundwaves, returns with booming new batch of disco biscuits, where scraps and shrapnel from R 'n' B, punk, 80s funk, new wave and new bands are whisked and whirled into newly minted mashups and sonic screen prints.

You can grab the entire collection for free here - but first load up on a triple whammy taste test with a few words from GHP HQ..

My Paperback Sharona 
The Beatles 'Paperback Writer' vs The Knack 'My Sharona'

I've always loved 'My Sharona' with a passion that borders on the ridiculous...seriously *cough.. and always wanted to pair it up with something decent. Along come them Beatles (again) and Paperback Writer (again) but what the hell, these two tracks were made for each other. Lot's of editing went into this one but I won't bore you with technical details....for long.

The Beatles 'guitar riff' was cut to match the Sharona riff and plays with it the majority of the time. Had to edit down the long version of Sharona to match the 'single' version...easy...and had lots of fun finding relevant dub delays & reverbs. There you go...that's as boringly techy as I can be bothered with.


Rude Peaches 
Rihanna 'Rude Boy' vs The Stranglers 'Peaches'

Had a Stranglers fixation for a month or so earlier this year. Was hoping to do something with 'Nuclear Device' but Peaches is much easier to plunder riffage and stuff from. Listening back to this it reminds me of early GHP the way that I used to pair all those 'R 'n B female vocals with rock songs...mainly due to the fact that in those heady days of 2002-2004, those were the only readily available acapellas I suppose.

Anyway, Rihanna complements the bump & grind of Peaches pretty well. Check the video! I plundered lots of the footage from The Stranglers gig at Battersea Park '78 when they brought on 10 strippers for Nice 'n Sleazy.


Whatever My Tears
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles 'Tracks Of My Tears' vs Oasis 'Whatever'

A cheeky little match. Was originally wanting to have Smokey's vocals with strings only from 'Whatever' but alas the strings in the verses aren't available, so had to make do with the full Oasis instrumental until the very end where the strings play out. An odd mix but the Oasis track is very 60's in structure and a handful of Motown tracks would probably work with it. Smokey got the short


John Medd said...

Splendid examples all. However, this would have to be my fave Mop Top Mash Up.

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