Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lazy Sunday - April Flowers

Photo by Bleech

Well I’m off t’north for a few days break – between Holmfirth and Huddersfield in fact. So being the season when buds bloom and blossom and the sap starts to rise, thought it may be time to snapshot the outdoor action by way of a new Lazy Sunday mix ‘April Flowers’. Bedding together a sequence of sunny delights, spring breaks and chirpy numbers for your breezy listening pleasure

April Flowers

Telepopmusik - Genetic World
Moderato - Him
Danmass - Happy Here (Vocal Edit)
Abraham - Magpie
Kinobe - Grass Roots Horizon
Evolved Monkey - Naked Lady
Josh Rouse - Under Your Charms
Kevin Ayers - May I
The Noveltones - Left Bank 2
The Frank Cunimondo Trio - We've Only Just Began
Piero Piccioni - L'italia Vista
Saint Etienne - Sun In My Morning
Mother Earth - Apple Green
Lennie Hibbert - Village Soul
Norma White & Brentford Disco Set - I Want Your Love
Bill Cosby - No One Can Love
Arty Fufkin - All I Need's A Smile (Lily Allen vs Air)
Go Home Productions - Marvins Not In Love (Marvin Gaye vs 10CC)
Jellyfish - Russian Hill
XTC - Chalkhills And Children

See you in a week's time or thereabouts, and I’ll leave with you two other seasonal sounding nugg’s..

The Wolfmen Nothing To Say (Moulder Monitor Mix)
A softly wafting version of the original - you can catch the full basket of Wolfie alt.versions here – including one by ex-Ants producer Merrick/Chris Hughes and Depeche/Numan/Bloody Valentine mixer Alan Moulder

Evolved Monkeys - Like The Tsunami
Something loose and luscious from the Evomons – mixing the taste of sunshine honeycomb harmonies with the Tao of Bruce Lee


Simon said...

I love the Saint Etienne tune tucked away in there. That Beach Boys feel on the chorus just makes me swoon a little.

Planet Mondo said...

Check out the XTC's Chalkhills at the end for more Beach Boys influence (or Pale and Precious from the XTC's Dukes project a complete rewrite)

dickvandyke said...

Bon voyage old cock.

Get out on the hills and drink it all in.

Hadleigh said...

Lovely mellow mix for a Sunday morning with tea and toast . . . enjoy your trip

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks chaps I'm looking forward to a Bakewell pud' on route, followed by chips and gravy, with dandelion and burdock on arrival - luscious...

Keith said...

I hope you have a great time. Take care. Cheers!

Gabbi said...

Enjoy your break... such a good season, I missed spring. I love your songs, especially The Wolfmen Nothing To Say. Definitely a new favorite... thank you! xo