Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Get Out Of The City And Into The Sunshine

Sing Belle and Sebastian. Sound advice on a day like today - wouldn'tja just love to down tools, bail out and bolt off for a leisurely stretch in some green and spacy acres, or perhaps pop to the coast for paddle and a scoop or two?

Belle and Sebastian - Legal Man

Photo's by Bleech and Chocolate Girl 64


bleecher said...

cool tunes, cool pics .. (".) tho im tempted to go get my arab strap now.......


Planet Mondo said...

Never thought of it like that before 'get some Arab Strap on' - well really!

lil said...

I luuuuv the forest!
Beautiful photo PM –
Sunshiny tune too…

Gabbi said...

Love Belle and Sebastian and I love that photograph of the sun shinning through the trees... hope you're having a great week!xo

BLTP said...

stop it it's only tuesday. Some arcadian scoops is a very good idea though.

Planet Mondo said...

Lil - Gabbi It's a Bleech pic (yes him of the first comment), you can see more of his work here..

BL Arcadian Scoops - are they related to Arcade Fire..and you should try the pier at Clacton - you'd love the Sooty and Sweep machine.

BLTP said...

PM: will you stop with the sooty and sweep already we messed up we didn't see it we are going to south end soon we'll miss the good bit's there too no doubt!! it's not like yorkshire that essex it all seems complicated ....sorry i've had a rum.

Piley said...

didn't mind a bit of early B&S, but they ruined it all for me with that evil hell that was "funny little frog". That's up there vying with Uptown Girl for worst record ever! how bad is this, rhyming:

I am living out the life of a poet,


And you're the funny little frog in my throat (pronounced 'throwit').


Cocktails said...

I'm not a huge fan of B&S, but I do like this song. I also love Funny Little Frog...

BTW, PM I bought that John Betjeman book you recommended. It's fabulous! The writing is superb and it feels like it could have been written yesterday.

Planet Mondo said...

BL - Let me know before you come to Southend I'll tip you off what to see and what to swerve

P - Ouch. My fave rhyme heard recently (although it's an old tune) is Kevin Ayers 'Song For Insane Times'

"And everyone sung a chorus
of I am the walrus"
A double whammy.

No I'm not a fan of B&S either Cocktails I find them a bit namby usually - but discovered this via Captain Sensible DJ set list for his session at the beauty Bar - you can download the complete mix here .

Isn't the Betjeman book a peach Cocktails, and he's so on the button with the architectural invasion of Britain..

I read the Highworth chapter over the weekend, the end brings a lump to your throat, it really does. And the storm scene opening the Cornish preacher chapter is stunning..

Have you seen his DVD Metroland? Genius...you may be able to borrow/order from one of the City libraries - I think The Barbican has a copy..

bleecher said...

Tree set on my flickr page

theres a link to the flickr set the tree photos from, if anmyone fancys a peep at more of the same..ish

bleecher said...

just read the rhyme comment my current fave is from nick cave and his most bad seeds...... it goes something like

'if you gotta trumpet get on ur feet brother and blow it,

if u gota field, that doesnt yield, get on your feet boy and hoe it,

i look at u, u look at me and deep in our hearts we know it,

that u wern't much of a muse and i weren't much of a poet'

the guys a genius ..

but tell me whats the song folks??????????

Keith said...

I would love to take some sort of vacation, even if it's for just a couple of days. I could use it.

Planet Mondo said...

Bleech is it from the Orpheus album?

Keith - I'm gagging for a get-away. Perhaps a short hop up the coast to Suffolk.

Cocktails said...

Well, I recommend Cornwall if you're wanting a holiday PM!

I have seen Metroland, in fact we own a copy and it resides on the shelf next to the fab 'The London Nobody Knows'. Now have you seen that?!

bleecher said...

do i look like i give clues??? (".)

Planet Mondo said...

I'm sure I've chewed your ear off about Metroland before Cocktails - I think I've heard/read about 'The London Nobody Knows' recently I must get hold.

Hmmm I'll have a right ol' think up Bleech