Friday, June 12, 2009

Funky Friday - Fire In The Disco

Stardate:Somewhere in the late seventies

A rock apocalypse called punk has cracked Planet Pop like a peppercorn. While one half of the world's musical youth turns dayglo, the other burns in a disco inferno.

Leathery ol' rockers who've plodded through the seventies lolloping like walruses, or crashed like wasted scarecrows are running scared from bristly gangs of punky young things out for scraps, scalps and single sales. Where can these heavy-hitting has-beens find shelter in this teenage wasteland. Rejected by the new wave, how can the old wave reposition their pop appeal and cut it wiv ver kids?

How - by seeking asylum amongst the Saturday night fevered. Dolling up in disco drag and dipping into a dressing up box of highhats, handclaps and fidget-fingered bubbly basslines

R*lling St*nes - Miss You (12")

The definitive disco 'oompah oompah' octave bassline that first appears at 00:59 and reriffs throughout the track is allegedly a Billy Preston keyboard trick adapted for bass by Bill Wyman

R*d Stewart - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

Written as a direct response to Miss You - I have absolutely no shame in loving Rod's guiltiest of pleasures as much now, as I did when asking for it as a 13th birthday prezzie.

IT'S A POP QUIZ - Paul Stanley plays his signature 'shattered mirror' guitar in this vid, a design inspired by someone fronting a group of Brit-stompers - BUT WHO???

Ki$$ - I Was Made For Loving You

David Bowie - John I'm Only Dancing (Again) 12"

In all fairness Bowie had beaten every other bugger to the dancefloor by a distance of four years, and was wrapping up his Eno-electro trilogy with Lodger while his peers were busy booking seats on the boogie nights bandwagon.

* The asterisks and $$ are a deliberate attempt to avoid being blog-whacked


bleecher said...

hhmmm kiss .... to be politly californian about it ... dude they suck big time! i refuse to watch so my guesss is the super yob..

the bowie track dam id forgotten that peach ... nothing like a bit of nicking bit from your own song and making a hit parade smash out of it! i wonder was he pissed off with ziggy for stealing it or did both personalities settle out of court??

Planet Mondo said...

You're denying yourself some hi-camp finery Bleech. A guitar that shoots lasers and flys off, drums that rise into the clouds, more explosions than the Beijing olympics. A film written by Hanna-Barbera a Marvel comic (where they actually ued their own blood in the red ink) - C'mon get on board the rock monster boogie-bus.

You're dangerously close with your pop quiz suggestion too.

Cocktails said...

Oh, I love Do ya Think I'm Sexy? and I've always been secretly ashamed of that fact. Glad that I'm not alone.

Another top attempt at disco trendiness is No More Tears (Enough is Enough) Barbra Streisand's duet with Donna Summer. Excellent stuff!!

Davy H said...

Like the ad said 'There is old wave, there is new wave, and there is David Bowie'. Eno saved his ass - discuss.

I'm a broadminded man as you know PM, but that Rod's a shocker x

Davy H said...

Was it Freddie Starr who used to do the impression of him in leopardskin with big bulging baboon-like buttocks??

Planet Mondo said...

Hurrah glad you're with me on the Rod tune Cocktails.. Roxy - Angel Eyes, Johnny Mathis - Gone, Gone, Gone and even Cliff - We Don't Talk Anymore almost everyone was busting disco moves..

Davy - I love it. And the outfits leopardskin and black satin - Fab! In the same way that DYTIS was are reply to Miss You. Blondie's Heart Of Glass has always sounded like a companion piece or distant cousin of DYTIS to these ears..

It was Kenny Everett that used to do Rod..
Great version of Maggie May from the Kenny Everett video show here too

PS any more for anymore on the Kiss guitar guesses

Davy H said...

Dave Hill or Noddy Holder?

Planet Mondo said...

Top marks Davy

The mirrorball effect of this hat was the inspiration for this guitar

Congratulations you've won two tip-offs, and the funkiest tracks of their career If I Was A Dancer and Everything Is Turning To Gold

Cocktails said...

And I thought that Davy was joking...

chocolategirl64 said...

Roxy = yeep good
Rod & co = I seriously worry about you Mr M
Diagnosis= you need some sunshine and sips ^_^

Planet Mondo said...

Cocktails - and don't forget Dave Hill's hair was the inspiration for The Ramones signature cut..

Choco - remember this is the bloke that bought a pink NY Dolls 'Puss N Boots' and glitter T Rex t-shirts over Christmas, as well as these boots - how could I not like that Roddery track

Sunshine and sips always on the menu (although perhaps not as many as when you and Bleech last visted and I could only walk sideways)

Gabbi said...

Such fun... my most favorite is that stones song!

On related subject (kind of) are you familiar with the Whit Stillman's 1998 film 'Last Days of Disco'? I love that film. If you've never seen you really must Mondo.

It's available for free viewing on Hulu here:

But you have to sign on (it's free) to watch. Rated R I think?

Piley said...

Our mutual pal Alan got me into Kiss back in the 80's, and have always had a soft spot for them ever since. But I really only like the mid to late 70's stuff. Hate the poodle rock - no make up - 'take us serious now dudes' rubbish they were pushing out in the 80's tho.

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks for the tip Gabbi the name rings a bell I'll give it a peep now..

P - Alan Shep' was a terror for them wasn't he. Although Double Platinum and Alive is all anyone really needs apart from Love Gun and Destroyer (but only for the covers)...and yes that 80s poodle period is poop

Keith said...

I don't know how I missed this post the other day. Sorry for the late response. Great tunes. I love KISS. I'm not ashamed to say I've always enjoyed I was Made For Lovin' you. That's a cool tune. Hope you had a good weekend. Cheers!