Friday, June 5, 2009

Funky Friday - Mirror Mirror On The Ball

Who's the funkiest of them all?

Four on the floor - wherein we are invited, requested and reminded - that....

It's - " time to get down"
T.S.O.P - The Sound Of Philadelphia

To - "shake your booty, shake it all around"
Jimmy Bo Horne - Dance Across The Floor

Or -"take your record and get up"
Gary Toms Empire - 7654321 Blow Your Whistle

And -"get down and down" (again)
The Kay-Gees - Hustle Wit Every Muscle

The Smash Hits Disco Top 40 from this week 30 years ago (issue dated May 31- June 13 1979)
Click on the pic for the full run down


Keith said...

Wow. Cool tunes. I love some good funky music. Definitely helps put me in a better mood for the weekend. Cheers!

Cocktails said...

That's one heck of a disco top 40! You can never go wrong with those top 10 classics AND its got 'Lets Lovedance Tonight' at 33 which is one of my favourites.

Istvanski said...

My sister loved this stuff as well as all that Bacharach/David "Yessir, I Can Boogie".
Ofcourse, I used to take the piss and sing "Yessir, I've got a bogie".
What kinda wit would you expect from a kid not even in his teens. I can listen to it nowadays and your selection here will get me back into disco in a positive way.
Maybe ;-)

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks Keith, try and track down some of that Martini Gin you posted that this week, that should ease your tension.

Cracker isn't cocktails you just wouldn't get a dance chart like that now - have a spin of 'Hustle Wit' if you get the chance, it's probably closest to 79 era disco, whereas the rest are mid seventies..

I loved it too, until I discovered Punk ISTV, and then it was more Pogo than Disco..PS I'll be trying your mates Progathon this weekend..

Cocktails said...

Actually, Hustle Wit.. was my favourite. Not including TSOP of course for that is one of the very best. You just can't beat those do-do-do-de-dooo's can you?

Planet Mondo said...

T.S.O.P is a delight it's like Donna Summer backed by the Geoff Love Orchestra - and those vox. Superb. Have you seen the vid? You must have a peep - I'll chuck it in the bloggy.

I've just seen Hustle's 76 I would guessed 79.

Piley said...

man there's some 24 carat shite in that disco top 40!!! That king of the dancefloor Elton John in with a bullet i see...

chocolategir64 said...

as Discotastic as Dimitri

Gabbi said...

I feel like you put this party post up just for me! xo :)

Planet Mondo said...

P - you ol' smooth talker you,

Thanks Choco' scuse and tiddly typos - been out and about with your wother haf tonight

Gabbi that's exactly what I did x

Gabbi said...

Also... you have an award! :)

ally. said...

cor - blow yer whistle was a big fave in my playing records to people in a room that danced to them if they were drunk enough days and it's still sounding mighty now - glorious as ever