Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shake Your Booty Down To The Ground

I knew I had a few somewhere...

Jacko & The Charlatans
The Baddest One I Know - McSleazy

Jacko & The Beatles
Daytrip To Never Never Land - Go Home Productions

Jacko & Black Grape
Reverend Black Jackson - Go Home Productions


Gabbi said...

Amazing mixes! My most favorite is that Jacko & Black Grape. Thank you so much for sharing Mondo, hope you're having a wonderful weekend.♥

Piley said...

The perfect Mondo tribute!

I think the Charlatans one works best... far far better than it has any right to! Black Grape isn't bad, and not crazy on the Beatles one... something about it just doesnt work for me, and it does just sound a bit like two records playing at the same time!

Keith said...

Wow! Those are awesome. I really dig all of them. Hope you had a funky cool weekend.

Planet Mondo said...

Glad they're rocking your boots Gabbi - the Black Grape album is well worth a wallop, and a great summer soundtrack if you've never heard it

Cheers P - The Daytripper one's my fave actually, I'm sure I've got a couple more somewhere..

Had a scorcher Keith, although I'm all folked out after a weekend of live outdoor music..

PS - don't forget you can pick up the Bollywood version of Don't Stop Til You Get Enough right here