Friday, July 10, 2009

Funky Friday - Funkee Monkees

£8.49 this cost me back in the eighties!

I've been on something of a Monkees buzz after reading this recent trigger from BLTP. Although I really can't understand why it's taken me almost two years to log some Monkee magic in the blog.

Retrospectively the amount of sniffery and snears directed towards The Monkees as they took their place in sixties pop society, seems almost hard to believe now given the quality of the catalogue, the pedigree of their legacy and the roll call of heavy-hitters happy to sit in with them - Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, Neil Diamond Goffin/King. Oh, and then there's Brixton's David Jones having to rebrand himself as David Bowie to avoid any confusement and Stepping Stone later being re-punked by the Sex Pistols..not bad for a band originally pegged as pop-puppets .

Listen To The Band
A funky little number with a fake ending..

For Pete's Sake
A tune occasionally used as a show-closer

Mary Mary - The Strangers
I only realised this was written by Mike Nesmith while looking at the label last week. As much as I love The Monk's version, this slightly thumpier rework just pips the original for me

You can grab the mp3 of Paperback Believer right here


bleecher said...

pleasent vally sunday is part of my set ... its such a cutting snapshot of staid califonian suburban life and compacency


Cocktails said...

Funnily enough you've chosen by one of my favourite Monkees tunes (For Pete's Sake) and one of my least (Listen to the Band).

They were a great pop group. The kind of people though who didn't like them for being contrived, 'commercial' and 'inauthentic' are I suspect, the kind of people today who don't like Kylie, Girls Aloud and Beyonce for the same reasons. It's just pop music.

Mick said...

Listen To The Band has always been a favourite of mine. I have a soft spot for Mike Nesmith solo stuff too.

The Monkees Steppin' Stone is a cover. I believe Paul Revere & the Raiders recorded it first. Hear it here.

Planet Mondo said...

Can we expect to see it on youtube soon bleech?

'Listen' is a grower Cocktails, I swerved it for years, but then - it just clicked..and yes a great, great pop band - head (geddit) and shoulders above today's production line pop bands..

And my guess would be that The Monkees (character types and theme tune)were a template for Friends..

PS I saw a skater flying by on the way to Fenchurch last night

Planet Mondo said...

Haven't tried any solo Nessie Mick - but do have a soft spot for Rio..what would you recommend

Can't believe SS was a cover - my world is shaken..

bleecher said...

..and of course theres i'ma beliver penned by the legend that is mr neil diamond .. anyone who disses ND needs to check some earlier work .. like this

Mick said...

Well I don't claim to be an expert. My brother had a couple of LPs in the 70s, I just have compilation CD. You need to like country rock and have a tolerance for Mike sometimes idiosyncratic vocal style. One of my faves is 'Some of Shelley's Blues' which was also covered by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. I'll upload some for you but for now check out his very different version of Listen To The Band.

bobbiblu said...

Lots of happy times spent watching the Monkees as a kid(who didn't love to monkey around?)Plus a bit of a soft spot for Davy Jones.. Funny how the closing titles had a more serious sounding track?

Ishouldbeworking said...

'Last Train to Clarksville' was the first record I ever bought. I was so small my Mum had to lift me up to the counter so I could ask the lady for it. I was in love with Mike Nesmith, you see.

This stuff still sounds great to my ears - many of the songs have stood the test of time far better than their more artistically 'cred' contemporaries. That's great pop for you.

Planet Mondo said...

All for that Bleech - you can see the template for Stepping Stone right there..

I like it Mick, nifty slide guitar work - Mrs M's a terror for country twangs (speaking of which..)

Blimey it's Mrs PM I thought you'd have had more than enough of my ol' jibber jabberings at home - promise I'll de-loft your singles soon..

Have you still got that copy of Clarksville ISB(was it taken from a pigeon hole behind the counter) and you're right they still sound fab.

I played the double comp through last night - and there's only a couple of howlers - but Words, Valerie, Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow - it is perfect pop..

PS I'm no Friends fan but I'd guess...

Mike Nesmith = Ross
Mickey D - Chandler
Davy Jones - Joey
Pete Tork - Phoebe

Cocktails said...

Valerie! Now there's a Monkees tune. I'm playing that one tonight!

I think you're spot on with the Monkees/Friends comparison. Ross is the 'serious' one isn't he?

And we're going to see skaters everywhere now...

Axe said...

I have audio of Davy Jones saying 'fuck' repeatedly.

BLTP said...

:) :) :) :) :)

Gabbi said...

I truly look forward to you Friday music posts dear Mondo, they always do such a great job of setting the weekend mood! I love 'For Pete's Sake' and enjoyed the Bealtes/Monkees mix... I grew up watching reruns of the Monkees' on television and had the biggest crush on Davey. *sigh* :)

Planet Mondo said...

How about Randy Scouse Git Cocktails another corker..and give that Strangers Mary Mary a bash if you get the chance - s'a thumper

Axe sounds like The Monkees meets The Troggs..

BL - if only I could do a txt thing for *thumbs up*

Thanks Gabbi I really must see some Monkees re-runs..I remember one with them doing a magic show that cracked me up..

Piley said...

always always been a fan.. believe it or not, it was the monkees what got me into the Beatles! Was into the Monkees at about 5 or 6 due to the fab TV show, eventually I realised it was a take of the Beatles so gave them a go...

Earlier this year I bought every episode of the Monkees TV series and have been wading through em, cheesey but genuinely still funny, and definitely very innovative for the time. Like a hip and trendy Marks Bros.


Keith said...

I love the Monkees. I'm not ashamed to admit it. They had some really cool tunes.

Gabbi said...

Mondo! :) Yeah, I do have a flickr... there's a link on my page around the top near the header on the left side of the screen. If you have one please add me as a friend. Hope you're having a great weekend! My brother and I are off to buy some tickets to 'The Streets', they're going to be here in October and are my brother's most favorite band ever.

Coop said...

Pop round if you want some Mike Nesmith solo stuff, I've got plenty of his LPs on vinyl for a little Saturday night garden music.

Planet Mondo said...

I'm gonna have to lend of those P try and get the mini-mondos on the buzz..

They had a catalogue of killer tunes Keith Words, Going Down, She - corkers all.

I've got a fab Streets bootleg remix somewhere Gabbi I'll try and dig out

Up for that Coops I'll have to bring my turntable round for some double decking