Friday, February 11, 2011

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie-Woogie

Perhaps it was Chas Hodges honky-tonking roof-raiser at The Railway a couple of weeks back, but I've been on something of a buzz for Jump Blues and Boogie doings lately. Louis Jordan, Sunnyland Slim and Frank "Sugar Chile" Robinson  have all been beating eight to the bar round at our juke joint..

One tune never that fails to put some zip in your zoot suit or a tap in your spats comes from our old chum Smiley Lewis, writer of One Night (raunch version) and name-checked on the first podcast from Piley and I. (See if you can spot the lyrical connection with Tuesday's Eno post)

Smiley Lewis - Shame Shame Shame

Back in Ye Olde Days of Crocs Sam Butera's Bim Bam was a surefire floor-filler uniting punks, skins and blitz kids in a multi-cult shakedown

Sam Butera - Bim Bam

If you're in the mood for some live jiving, hotfoot it down to The Railway this Saturday where you can swish the night away with a vintage swing night

Chas Vegas....

Chas Hodges: rocking at The Railway.

Liberace: camper than a Christmas cake


Ishouldbeworking said...

Good heavens. Haven't heard Bim Bam since...well, since Crocs in about 1983, as it happens. Nice choice!

John Medd said...

More ivory tinkling with the the rather FAB Paddy Milner. We saw him at The Pigalle a couple of years back.

Mondo said...

I was there in 83!! We may have even shared a space on the dancefloor or been ordering a purple nasty at the same time. Weren't tassle jackets and check shirts all the rage in 83. That and T-shirts with the sleeves snipped orf?

Look at that left hand fly - must have been a blast J. I'd love to play like that - more here if you fancy

Cocktails said...

I'm not seeing you in that clip at The Railway, Mondo?!

Mondo said...

Possibly at the bar (waddya mean again!).. although the back of Mrs M's head can be spotted bopping left to right at 00:36 - 42..

Just Jacqui said...

Next time I pop over to Ireland to see Dad I will get a video clip of him belting out Shame Shame Shame, he has a baby grand in the front room and a half decent voice to match!

Mondo said...

That's a must Jacqui - I'm amazed anyone knows it, let alone bangs out a versh on the front room Joanna