Friday, May 6, 2011

Guest Blogger: Frying tonight with Fufu Stew

In 2008 Soul Chef, Vince from Fufu Stew rocked the PM blog to it's roots and boots with a thunderous mix of new wave nuggets (kindly re-upped here). Well, now just a shade over 3 years later, Vince is back and brought with him a sizzling griddle of wallopers and winners mixed from a recipe of garage, soul 'n' pysch.

You can taste test two of the included tunes at the bottom and tuck into the full fat menu below. A soul salute and tip of the chef's titfer is due to Vince for serving up this magnificently funky buffet.

Hello, kiddies.

My pal Mr. Mondo is good for giving me an outlet to play records too. It's been several years since we've shared mixes, but when he passed another invite for me to do a guest mix, I just couldn't pass it up... and because this wonderful blog is the epitome of freeform, I got the gumption to pull out these often underplayed gems from the corners of my crates and serve 'em up this way. I'm still a rookie when it comes to digging for the old rock and roll. I try to find garage 45's, psych and all the rest when digging in the field, but I usually come up with slim pickin's. I suppose that I don't put too much effort into it because the stuff I've heard on comps and from other blogs is about as easy to find as a hen's tooth. This mix represents some of the good stuff I was lucky to find, some of which were featured on Fufu Stew No. 9. All original grade 45's were used with the exception of the Portable Flower Factory track, which is a 7" played at 33.3 rpm... Minor restoration was performed on the records that were just a bit too hammered. Enjoy :)

Fufu Stew Goes Mondo... Again!

01 Come On Down To My Boat-Every Mother's Son (MGM)
02 Lose Your Money-The Moody Blues (London)
03 The Rub A Dub-The Fifth Estate (Jubilee)
04 Little Girl-Syndicate Of Sound (Bell)
05 Call Me Lightning-The Who (Decca)
06 From Home-The Troggs (Fontana)*
07 Shape Of Things To Come-Max Frost & The Troopers (Tower)
08 Fire-Five By Five (Paula)*
09 Gloria-Them (Parrot)
10 Let It All Hang Out-The Hombres (Verve Forecast)*
11 Soul Drippins-The Mauds (Mercury)
12 Runaway Child Running Wild-The 44th Street Portable Flower Factory
13 Groovy Motions-The Fireballs (Atco)
14 Shoeshine Boy-The Lemon Pipers (Buddah)
15 Pictures Of Matchstick Men-The Status Quo (Cadet Concept)
16 The Real Thing Pt. 1-Russell Morris (Diamond)*
17 The Real Thing Pt. 2-Russell Morris (Diamond)*
18 Psychotic Reaction-The Count Five (Double Shot)
19 Smokes-? And The Mysterians (Cameo)*
20 Hide And Seek-The Sheep (Boom)
21 Apricot Brandy-Rhinoceros (Elektra)
22 From Way Out To Way Under-The Shadows Of Knight (Team)
23 Beggar Man-Southwest F.O.B (Hip)
24 I Put A Spell On You-The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (Track)
25 Hot Smoke And Sassafrass-The Bubble Puppy (International Artists)

Thanks again and again Mr. Mondo, it's always a pleasure. Til next time kids, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.


The Polyvinyl Craftsmen said...
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The Polyvinyl Craftsmen said...

Cracking good mix Fufu, you've found yourself some ace tunes for a rookie! I'd love most of those on vinyl myself. Check out our new mix here, fresh today:

ally. said...

hot damn! and there's me with a desperate need for new tunes too - thanks mr stew ever so

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

Thanks... and thanks also for the Russell Morris clip. Suffice it to say I can now put a face to the voice :)

Peace and blessings.

Mondo said...

Sizzling selection isn't Coops - have you blogged your US vinyl finds yet?

It's like being a kid in a sweetshop Ally - and mixmaster Vince has made it so each track is listenable as a single track as well as a complete mix. Incredible.

The Russ' romper has been locked in my Noggin since I first heard this mix Vince. Stunning stuff and top tunes my funky friend.

For my my British quids - this set is the new Nuggets

Vincent the Soul Chef said...
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Vincent the Soul Chef said...

hehe... and it's funny, when I first put that Russ 45 some five years ago, I had no clue what I was bringing home until I saw it featured on the legendary (and damned expensive) Rubble Collection... Glad you all like it :)

Peace and blessings.

Simon said...

Great mix, just right for a stormy Friday night!

Mondo said...

It's an earworm of a tune Vince top pickings..

Play it loud and with a scoop of something strong to hand Simon

Piley said...

wow what a track listing! Got to have me some of that. Looking forward to it.