Friday, May 27, 2011

Podrophenia 16 - Holidays

Have you ever stayed at the the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel? I'm semi-obsessed with a hotel that boasts it's been 'proudly disappointing travellers  for forty years' with 'levels of comfort comparable to a minimum-security prison'

Following on from the recent run of extended weekends, and in the spirit of bank holiday Monday - Piley and I set up camp with a podcast that's a bumper holiday special featuring look-a-likes (Reg Varney, Catweazle, Luton Airport), sound-a-likes (Midge Mouse, Hartley/Manuel waiter).

Taking a break from the usual suspects we cue up ten never-appeared-before acts and artists - who touch on: shining on, sunglasses, cruises, seasiders and angry aeroplanes. And two tunes that include this rock and roll call of heavy hitters. Steve Marriot, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones, John Paul Jones, Chas Hodges, Klaus Voorman.

Natter wise it's an international buffet of holiday horror stories, dodgy menus and Asbo Grannies., with perhaps the finest ad' ever featured in the history of Podrophenia.

So, book early and grab your boarding pass below..

Pssst - keep 'em peeled for the breaking news section midway in as exciting new developments are unfolding in the world of Podrophonics.

Oh and you can grab the out-takes and extras here

Podrophenia 16 - Holidays

Or via iTunes if you prefer

Jamie Reid Holidays panel - lifted from this...


John Medd said...

Will be listening over the weekend. On a similar theme, this is right up your street M.

Mondo said...

Summer Burn - great idea, wonder if I could punt our Summer poddy (our second one, ever) in there..