Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Radio Podrophenia: Piley and I LIVE on the wireless tonight.

In fact Piley and will be live and beaming Radio Podrophenia to an interweb radio near you every Tuesday evening - until someone pulls the plug.

Tune into S6 radio between 9 and 10, via the listen live link, to hear Piley and the other one doing some On Air Podrophonic nonsense - and for the full reveal of which theme is threading the tracks together this week. These two tunes may appear on my playlist...but any guesses what the mystery musical motif may be?

If you're not out and about tonight, perhaps point your ears in our general direction to listen in, or maybe even pitch us a message on the S6 web page?


Ella Fitzgerald - I Heard It Through the Grapevine


Cocktails said...

Congrats! No playlist pressure there then...!

Mondo said...

Thanks Cocktails - we're buzzed for it. And yes it's taken us two years to crack out all 16 poddies, so going weekly ups the tempo a touch

John Medd said...

Break a leg! We'll be listening live at Medd Towers.

Anonymous said...

As I've just said over at Pileys, tuned in and enjoying!

Mondo said...

Thanks both few bumbles and stumbles - but both Piles and I are buzzed for chapter 2...

Artog said...

I missed it! Is that it gone forever? Or is there a button I can click somewhere?

Mondo said...

Unfortunately there's no Listen Again option - but we managed to record it, so may post/archive somewhere..here's last night's track list on the theme of covers

The Sonic Executive Sessions - Hello
Duran Duran - White Lines
The Third Degree - Mercy
Lily Allen - Womanizer
The Wolfmen - Needles in the Camel's Eye
Mae West - Great Balls of Fire
The Brothers Seven - Evil Ways
T-Total & Marc Almond - Baby's On Fire
Shirley Scott - Get Back
Shatner - Common People